Au-Pair Jobs in France

Company : Fée Rêvée
Location : Paris
Duration: 4 weeks to 1 Year+
Approx Costs: 0 to 100 € Euro

We organise placements for young students to go to France to become au-pairs.

If you are looking to become an au-pair in France, we are an au-pair agency in line with all European regulations that could help you. We offer to find you a family which corresponds to your needs and wishes and we will also help you thoughout your stay (monthly meetings with us, support with all administrative aspects, help finding language schools etc).

You can find us on our website and download our regisration form. You just need to print it off, fill it in and send it back to us as soon as you can. If you do not have a printer, do not hesitate to contact us with your address and we will be happy to send you the form in the post.



What nationalities are eligible?
Almost all nationalities, French native speaker excepted. (applicants from the US, Canada, South America, South Africa, Europe, Russia, China, etc …)

Is there an agency fee?
30 euros for a European citizen and 90 euros for a Non-European citizen

Are flights included?

How much experience is needed and what references are required?
We need at least 2 childcare experiences from non-member family and 1 character reference. The applicant should have a great childcare experiences :  we don’t mind if she has been paid or not, declared or not, in the workplace or in the private circle. Only childcare experience counts. The more she has experiences, the faster she’ll be placed.

What types of questions are asked at the interview?
Why do you want to become an au pair ? Could you please describe your family, your leisures, your childcare experience ? Can you drive, can you swim, etc … ?

What level of French do participants need?
Basic – Intermediate at least

Is there a minimum join time?
It takes between 1 and 12 weeks to join the family depending on the availability and / or the French administration 

Can people be placed any month?
Most of the families are looking for someone arriving in August – September or in January but we can place all year long

Where are Placements?
We place in Paris and its area (summer excepted as we place everywhere in France)


We hope to speak with you soon.

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