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We offer a range of ski instructor courses to suit everyone's needs, whether thinking about a ski gap year or looking for a career in the snow sports industry, EA can help. 

EA's ski instructor courses are designed to improve your technical skiing ability and give you a ski season to brag about. EA offer skiing instructor courses and training at 19 top resorts in Canada, Japan, New Zealand, USA and Europe (Switzerland).

The world class resorts have been handpicked to provide the best winter season for skiers and instructors, with loads of guests, heaps of snow and great atmospheres. What's more, the EA ski instructor internship is the only way you can get training, certificated and a guaranteed ski instructor job offer in one season, check out the video below and learn more about EA ski instructor courses.

EA has helped hundreds of people across the world land their first ski instructor jobs, with many now being several ski seasons into the dream career. Whether you are looking for huge piste areas in Canada, back-country skiing in New Zealand or neck-high powder in Japan - you've come to the right place for a ski instructor course.

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EA Ski and Snowboard Reviews

EA US Snowboard program

This program wis an awesome way to get a instructing job if you can afford it! I was at the Burton Academy at Northstar California, the only non-certified snowboard instructors they were accepting were from the EA program. They extensive training was amazing, it completely transformed my riding and helped me become certified with in a couple of months. Also the group of EA people you meet become your family! If you want to live in an awesome place and ride/ski all season with no prior experience I would definitely recommend looking into EA!

By: Mackenzie
Nationality: US
Age: 22

Canada Internship

Without a doubt the best way to do a ski season and get ski instructing....if you can afford it. The internship is rather expensive but if you want to get seriously good at skiing and have a bunch of fun it's one of the best ways to do a season. I was at Big White and the ski school there is amazing. We got a ton of private training as part of the course, which makes you an epic skier if you're committed and fool proof for getting your qualifications. Bonus 1st aid and avy course is super handy. The work you get as an intern is very limited and there were plenty to of days we didn't get work (and therefore didn't get paid) but that just meant we got to ski (could be different at Lutheran resorts). But it does guarantee a qualification and work experience which makes future jobs as a ski instructor much easier to get. You don't have to be an ace skier to do well in the course either which I think is cool. If you want to do a season with the best job on the mountain, really improve your skiing and have a bit of spare coin to do so and want an easy way in then I couldn't recommend this enough.

By: Mark
Nationality: NZ
Age: 22

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