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Dragon Bus has been created so that you can independently travel & experience real China, with choice & flexibility of our hop-on, hop-off options.

It is not a package tour & avoids the frustration & hassle that trying to travel China by yourself. The service is open to & used by singles, backpackers, families & "flashpackers" from the world over! W e use our own bus network & quality accommodation to provide a alternative travel option that has been designed and is run by westerners with a key understanding of experiencing Real China. We're not about commission based shopping tours and westernised Chinese dinners.

Here are some key ideas behind, what we do & how we do it. Compare us to any other Travel product out there; we'll be both cheaper & so different to anything currently on offer.

Dragon Bus includes the best sights of China, including Mountains, Villages and off the track sites. Unlike some "adventure" tours who use public buses (that's real Adventure Travel!), we only use our own Bus fleet and at certain points prebooked trains. We guarantee we will never use public buses - never, absolutely not, no way!!
Full control of transport means we also visit sites during travel between destinations that package tours or public transport travel simply miss. You won't waste valuable time in Bus / railway waiting rooms, transfer and walking around in circles looking for your hostel/hotel. On Dragon Bus, you'll get to see more and make the most of your time in China. All of this with our totally flexible "hop-on, hop-off" options.

We only use quality hostels & hotels with a range of options including twin & double share private rooms. Hostels offer great locations, a vibrant atmosphere and the ability to mix with other travellers. Dragon Bus enjoys priority bookings with our Hostel partners we you can be safe that you're staying in the best one! The cost of accommodation is included in the price as well!

Dragon Bus Passes offer so many options in terms of sights & attractions. If you don't like museums, don't go! We have researched and visited all the major attractions and offer you the chance to visit what takes your interest, not ours. Remembering though that we'll provide you with both information and a guide to make you choice easy. Additionally, while travel between overnights Cities we stop at some great sights along the way which most tours miss.

Package tours include meals into your trip and charge highly inflated prices for the privilege. This privilege is often at a commission generating or tourist restaurant offering westernised Chinese. Daily we're on hand to recommend & often organise the best (and clean) restaurants, food markets and small vendors that cater for a variety of tastes. Why? This means you'll be able to taste the different local cuisines at the right price. Additionally, we arrange group dinners or in house BBQ's in some cities that everyone generally joins, but hey you want to head to the local Macca's then that your choice!"

Dragon Bus travellers come from all the world over! Dragon Bus is sold worldwide, so unlike a local travel company it likely that you'll be joined by people not just from your home Country, but from every corner of the globe. Nowhere else can you get to travel with such a mix of individuals, couples & families while experiencing real China.

Dragon Bus employs our own western guides. Why? So we're sure you get what we say you'll get! Dragon Bus western guides are joined by local Chinese guides during the tours in order to provide the best support and detailed information. In addition we offer a separate Bus driver so there are three people all there to make your trip the best it can be.

We encourage our Travellers to experience the best of China's nightlife. This could mean many different things, from great local restaurants, Bars, Cafes, nightclubs, cultural shows, karaoke or just walking the streets. The Chinese come out at night, so we're assured that each night there will be something different to experience. Compare this to package tours where you're often "returned" to the hotel after a pre paid dinner, shopping trip or modified "tourist show" and the choice should be easy! Dragon Bus is different, we encourage (and assist) our people to get out and check out the all the action whatever you taste.

There is NO comparison! Dragon Bus is easily the best value travel option for your trip to China, nothing over $1000. Passes include daily inclusions, accommodation and stops at all the major plus many Cities that are not the "Tourist Trail!" No one comes close in terms of both price, value or even to match what we offer. Going it yourself could be cheaper, but what if you only get to see half as much in double the time? How much cheaper is it then?

Bi-lingual western guides & management solve or perhaps more importantly avoid issues that may otherwise encounter when independently travelling China. Some of our guides also have additional language skills such as Spanish, French, German, Dutch and more. We will even teach you some basic Chinese phrases so you can converse like a local, well perhaps.......

We almost didn't include this as it is just so obvious. Dragon Bus is designed to visit all the sites whether they are cultural, historic or modern! So experience all this with people of all ages, from all corners of the globe on an affordable & safe travel option and the choice is easy. The routes have been designed to ensure you get the most out of visiting fabulous attractions, historical Cities and amazing people!

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