Get Back to Nature in Megève, in the French Alps

Get Back to Nature in Megève, in the French Alps

There are various reasons to travel. Sometimes, we want to discover new cities, where culture reigns, while at other moments, all we desire is to get away from it all.

We live in a time when getting back to nature has become vital. There are many reasons that justify this, but no doubt that the COVID-19 crisis, which locked us all inside our homes for various periods of time, has had the most impact in that regards. As we could not travel freely, we searched for a bit of fresh air on our balcony, or in the garden for the most fortunate ones.

If you are searching for where to go on your next trip, while remaining in an environment that is as comfortable as can be, then renting a chalet in Megève, France, just might be the right option for you.


Where is Megève?

Megève is located in the beautiful Alps in southeastern France, in the Mont Blanc massif. 


How to Get to Megève

The easiest way to get to Megève is to fly to Megève, which is just over an hour away. There are fast airport transfer services available here. Other airports you could fly to include Chambery and Grenoble which are a two hou' drive away. If you would like to arrive by rail, you can travel to Sallanches-Combloux-Megève which is 12kms from Megève.


What Makes Megève Special?

Most people don’t want to get away from comfort, but from the noise, hassle and pollution of everday city life. And there really is no better destination than Megève.

Although Megève is famous for skiing and winter sports, you can visit all year round for a really special experience.

When you arrivein Megève, you will find yourself in the middle of nature, with the sound of birds singing in the summer, or to the calm empty noise of snow falling on the ground, in winter time. The symbiosis between human being and nature can finally take place.

A. holiday in the mountains away from the hustle and bustle or everyday life will leave you really relaxed. And to really maximize the experience you might want to decide to stay in a luxury chalet from Fée Pour Vous, which is great value for money and really is the perfect accommodation option.


Where to Stay - The Best Luxury Chalets in Megève

It doesn’t matter which time of the year you head to the French Alps, you will always be able to find your peace and serenity inside one of the chalets at Fée Pour Vous.

Whether your goal is to walk around the mountains to fill up your lungs with fresh air, or simply to isolate yourself and hang around your garden and take a swim in the pool, you will be able to do it all, without ever having to handle life’s ordinary tasks at these chalets. That is because a butler will do it for you. In fact, he will take care of the house and your every desires, from the moment you step outside the car that will take you there, all the way to when you leave, to go back home.

There is also a chef on the premise, that will prepare all the meals for you. If you have never tasted French cuisine before, you will be impressed by its complexity and the amazing flavours that they hold. If you decide to go anywhere, you will have your own private chauffeur, so that you don’t have to drive. Everything has been thought of, so that you can put your mind and body on “off,” to refill yourself with the positive energy that nature brings to all of us.

Megève really is an incredible destination, visit to experience it yourself.