Coordinators Needed: One World Summer Festival 28th July – 15th August

Coordinators Needed: One World Summer Festival 28th July – 15th August

Co-ordinators are needed to help on one of the biggest UK projects, One World Summer Festival. The festival promotes healthy lifestyles and macrobiotic food. There will be many workshops and lectures on a range of therapies such as natural movement, dance forms and natural cookery. You will be part of a group of over 50 international volunteers, creating a unique intercultural experience and giving you the opportunity to build on existing experience and develop new skills. 


Summer Festival Volunteer Coordinators Needed

So what do Group Co-ordinators do? Co-ordinators are volunteers who work alongside the volunteer group but take on the extra responsibility of helping the international group organise themselves. On each project there may be one or two co-ordinators, depending on the size of the group. Co-ordinators are not responsible for the initial planning of the project as this will be organised by Concordia prior to the project start. 



Typical responsibilities include:

  • Contacting the project host and gathering information on the local area before the project starts.
  • Working alongside the volunteers and helping to keep them motivated! - Living on site and being available to give help and advice 24 hours a day.
  • Possibly working alongside a second co-ordinator, sharing tasks and decision making.
  • Liaising with the work supervisors or hosts and keeping the group informed on schedules and plans. This may include giving adequate feedback to both the group and the sponsors when necessary
  • Taking responsibility for the food and social budgets (where applicable).
  • Organising the domestics – helping the volunteers organise themselves with respect to shopping, cooking and cleaning.
  • Helping volunteers organise their social and free-time activities.
  • Helping promote a good group dynamic and dealing with any problems arising sensitively and to the best of their ability.
  • Promoting the project (and Concordia) in the local news.
  • Writing a final report evaluating the success of the project.


To apply contact Concordia International Volunteers.



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