Concordia International Volunteers

Concordia International Volunteers

Concordia is a not-for-profit charity promoting intercultural understanding, international peace & volunteer opportunities.

Concordia is an ethical charity committed to support intercultural understanding and international peace through volunteering. We provide affordable programmes that make a real difference to local communities and the people joining in our projects. We believe volunteering is an experience in which no one is left unchanged, developing active citizenship where everyone is included and participate to their own capacity.

Concordia’s mission is to enable cross-cultural understanding and friendship by providing people with quality opportunities for international volunteering, work experience, education and training.

We offer short-term and middle term projects as well our bespoke group volunteering programmes and family volunteering. Concordia has been mentioned in the Lonely Planet publications on “A Traveller’s Guide to Making a Difference Around the World” in 2017 reflecting our commitment in providing meaningful and ethical volunteering.



  • Must be British resident regardless of nationality (if you are applying from a different country please search more volunteer opportunities on One World 365)
  • 18 years old and over (some projects are open to teenagers from 16 years old)
  • Motivated
  • Open minded
  • Flexible 


Types of Projects

We offer short-term (2 to 4 weeks) and medium term (1 to 6 months) projects in 60 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and Americas.

Volunteers pay an administration fee of £300 and fund their own travel and insurance. Board and accommodation is free of charge for most projects in Europe, North America, Japan and South Korea. For projects in Iceland, Mongolia, Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Africa volunteer pay an extra on arrival fee of approx. £150/200 per week that covers food and accommodation, as well as funding the programme in the host country.


Our Most Popular Programs Include:

  • Set up a music festival in Germany
  • Restore a castle in France
  • Volunteer at a nature reserve in Italy
  • Sustainable living in Iceland
  • Construct earthquake resistant infrastructure in Nepal
  • Help with arts activities in Mangolia
  • Promote organic farming in Japan
  • Organise activities for children in Tanzania
  • Teach English in Vietnam
  • Turtle Conservation  in Costa Rica


Why Volunteer With Us?

With so many organisations offering international volunteering, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure who to choose from. Be reassured Concordia is a charity with strong ethical values placing your volunteering experience in focus.

The whole team at Concordia are passionate and passionate and committed to the international volunteering service programme, with background of being volunteers themselves.  As this might be the first time you go abroad on your own, be assured we are here to support you all along the way.

We offer to all our volunteers:

  • Support throughout all the stages: from helping you to identify a project, preparing for your departure, while you’re volunteering to when you come back- you won’t be pushed into an off the shelf package
  • Pre-departure help with travel & insurance
  • Training for volunteers joining our projects in developing countries and/or volunteering for long term
  • Strong polices to support our volunteers and the communities we visit 
  • We take your security abroad very seriously. We only send volunteers to places that are safe and politically stable. If they are not, we don't go

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Concordia International Volunteers Reviews

Screen-print and comics festival in Rome

The program offered by Concordia Volunteers are amazing, I got the chance to discover an anarchic independent community in the periphery of Rome (an amazing city adding to that). The camp was based in the participation of all in the community activities, including cleaning and cooking. In addition we helped to organise a screen-printing and comics festival (which was the main goal of the camp at the beginning). I got to meet amazing and open-minded people, that welcomed our team in their fort for 2 weeks and learned very interesting story about the place and the people.The artists of the festival were amazing as well.
The fact that Concordia provides such opportunities is incredible, it pushes young people to open themselves to the world. This program taught me to be more independent, autonomous and understanding.
The only issue I had during those 2 weeks were the other volunteers on the team, most were amazing obviously and we had a lot of fun, including with the local people of the fort and the artists. However, some were just not motivated enough about the goal of the camp which was to discover an amazing community and help them set their festival up. I think Concordia should be more selective in the future.
Still, I would recommend this organisation to anyone willing to have an unique experience abroad.

By: Joana Salles
Nationality: French
Age: 19

A fantastic organisation! So many international opportunities and the team are excellent and very supportive!

I have been able to enjoy many enriching overseas experiences through Concordia such as volunteering on various different social and environmental projects in Europe, exchanging my time and enthusiasm to help community projects in return for accommodation and food.

I have also had the opportunity to lead one of Concordia's UK summer projects here in the UK, where I coordinated and organised the daily social activity programme for the volunteers who were working at a youth centre in Kent to deliver outreach sports and creative activities to youth in the local community.

I have also been fortunate enough to take part in "European Voluntary Service" through Concordia. My project was in the French Alps, working for an organisation which promotes intercultural appreciation and tolerance through international summer youth activity camps, festivals, local community projects etc.

These are just a few examples of the many diverse opportunities that are made possible through Concordia! I would highly recommend the organisation to anyone wanting to take part in "ethical" overseas voluntary projects which benefit local communities and to those wanting to feel enriched and inspired!

By: Emma
Nationality: British
Age: 25

Brilliant way to explore a coutnry

Concordia do a fantastic job of offering a wide range of projects across the globe - meaning the perfect trip will be there for you.
Once I'd decided an environmental project in Iceland was for me, the Concordia did were great in making sure I was prepared, had all the info I needed and was happy and confident in my plans.
By going through Condordia the project was interesting, plans made at weekends to make most of your time abroad, you meet brilliant people from all over the globe, and you get to take part in some fantastic work where get chance to get to know the country.
For those of you who want a little more out of travelling -- Concordia are great organisation to help you get there and get the most out of your travels.

By: Amy
Nationality: British
Age: 24

Volunteer in Japan with Concordia

Concordia is a great organisation, which provides a variety of different projects all around the world for affordable price. I really wanted to volunteer in Japan and this organisation gave me what I wanted. The programme I chose was environmental project in Japan for two months. Before I got there, I received a lot of information from Concordia and had a meeting to discuss different issues and concerns that may arise while I am on the project. This was very helpful as it gave me confidence and overview of what can happen and how to deal with different situations.
When I arrived in Japan to the meeting point there was someone to meet us and guide us to the accommodation. Our team leader was very funny and friendly, we could talk to her about everything. The programme itself included work in forest and near the lake, and during the period of two months we have done many different things. The work wasn’t the same each day and we experienced different camps and activities as well. During summer there are a lot of festivals in Japan and we as volunteers could participate and help them organise everything. The other activities included international camps where we met a lot of new people and learned new skills.
During the stay we could get support from our team leader and the person in charge of this project, which was very helpful. They could answer all our questions and they made sure that we are safe and have enough food all the time. Our long term team included six people and we could become like a family with each other. We had a lot of fun and we enjoyed every day we spent there.
In the end I would say this project was very valuable to meet new people and get to know the country and culture from within, as well as, the local people, who were very generous to us. I would like to return to Concordia again for a different project in the future.

By: Anastasija
Nationality: Latvia
Age: 19

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