Countries With The Highest Salaries in the World

Countries With The Highest Salaries in the World

Interested in working overseas? Looking to make the most money possible? Check out our list of countries by average annual wage has been calculated by Gross National Income which helps determine the average wealth of a country and of its general population. Countries are ranked in chronological order with salary displayed in US Dollars.


1. Norway

  • Average annual salary: $103,630


2. Qatar


  • Average annual salary: $92,200


3. Macau


  • Average annual salary: $76,270


4. Luxembourg


  • Average annual salary: $75,990


5. Australia

  • Average annual salary: $64,540


6. Sweden

  • Average annual salary: $61,610


7. Denmark

  • Average annual salary: $61,310


8. United States

  • Average annual salary: $55,200


9. Singapore

  • Average annual salary: $55,150


10. Netherlands

  • Average annual salary: $51,890


11. Canada

  • Average annual salary: $51,630


12. Austria

  • Average annual salary: $49,670


13. Kuwait


  • Average annual salary: $49,300


14. Finland

  • Average annual salary: $48,420


15. Germany

  • Average annual salary: $47,640


16. Belgium

  • Average annual salary: $47,260


17. Ireland

  • Average annual salary: $46,550


18. United Arab Emirates

  • Average annual salary: $44,600


19. United Kingdom

  • Average annual salary: $43,430


20. France

  • Average annual salary: $42,960


21. Japan

  • Average annual salary: $42,000


22. Hong Kong

  • Average annual salary: $40,320


23. Switzerland

  • Average annual salary: $35952 a year


24. Israel

  • Average annual salary: $35,320


25. Italy

  • Average annual salary: $34,270


26. Spain

  • Average annual salary: $29,440


That completes our list of the top 26 highest income earning countries in the world. Please note these figures are subject to change and are a general guide. Salaries really depend on your experience, company and position. If the idea of going to any of these destinations appeals search our featured jobs abroad.



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