6 Amazing Day Trips from Cordoba, Argentina

6 Amazing Day Trips from Cordoba, Argentina

Gill Hibbitt recently spent time living in Cordoba as part of a work in exchange for food and accommodation at a hostel in the city. During her time she got a lot of free time to explore the nearby locations with her friends from the hostel and in this article Gill has put together a guide to the best places you should consider visiting near Cordoba...


1. Mina Clavero y Nono

This was a long bus ride from Cordoba - about 2 hours. I did a trip with two friends, Ola and Beth and we me made this a 3 day trip where we spent time walking - over boulders along the river to the beach, across rivers and along dirt tracks. I loved it all and would recommend spending more than just a day here. 



Eagle, Parque de los Condoritos

2. Parque de los Condoritos

I was lucky enough to hitchhike on to a great tour a couple of hours drive out of town to visit the incredible Parque de los Condoritos. We were given a super price because the tour leader/ owner only had 2 guests on that day so when we called him, he said we could join in at about half price! Before we entered the Park we stopped off for a coffee which was also a sort of info centre .. and … we were blessed as an eagle flew right over us. Inside the Park the trekking was great and varied. Lots of random lumps of crystal around. After some negotiating with Park officials the guide was able to take us through a trail leading to a waterfall. Several hours of great trekking. 



Cordoba day trips

3. Cuesta Blanca

Playa de los Hippies: Emi (a sort of guest/previous volunteer), Alma (another friend) and I did a day trip here with Emi driving. We parked “somewhere” and then walked and walked, uphill and down dale to the beach by the river. A tranquil location where some hippies camped. Bit of a cold day which was unfortunate for Alma who fell in the river but bravely carried on in spite of being chilled to the bone. 



Alta Gracia

4. Alta Gracia

A bus ride away from Cordoba to a clean, tranquil little town where it’s main attraction was the Che Guevara museum - well for me that was the main attraction. It also housed a park and Casino. The museum was small and interesting giving an overview of Che Guevara’s life from birth to assassination. 



5. Belgrano

A short bus ride away. A German-style resort town with German architecture, eateries etc. It also had an Eco-Park where people can walk, picnic by the river. Going a little further there were 2  short walks. I chose the longer one, (45 minutes, I think each way) up a hill with great views of the town and country. 



Trekking, Argentina

6. Capilla del Monte

Again a longer bus journey so I chose to stay overnight. This was another sort of Hippie Hangout, giving the place a very chilled vibe. I wandered off here on my own. However, staying in a  hostel again meant I had the opportunity for company for the trek the next day up the Uritorco cerro - the mystical hill. This was such a good walk with a great Argentinian girl. Several hours of mixed terrain, including coming across crystals and a healing circle. Lots of uphill (well, it’s a hill!).  

A group of jokers told us at one point that we had completed the most challenging part of the journey and the rest was only about half an hour on flat terrain …. er, lets go for an hour on uphill, rugged instead! But hey had a good laugh on us! Coming down became tough when I realised I hadn’t really taken enough water with me and it was hot and quite challenging. I really had to pace my water intake. Lesson learned! You might want to spend more than just a day trip here.



Botanical Gardens Cordoba

7. Botanical Gardens

Local bus ride which meant we needed a Bus Tarjeta. This appeared to be the system for local buses whilst we could pay with cash for longer journeys. The Botanical Gardens were free and well worth the visit - they were so tranquil and had  variety of themes. 



By Gill Hibbitt



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