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Ireland is an incredible country to visit on a gap year where you can see spectacular sights, soak up the local culture, taste real Guiness or stay longer and work in places in Dublin. If you would like to visit, work or study in Ireland then our gap year programs will appeal to you. Start planning a gap year to Ireland today.


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Ireland Gap Year Programs

Thousands of people take gap years in Ireland every year and if you are looking to be more than just an average traveller view our structured programs and travel ideas. We have gap year programs for Irish and international participants perfect if you would like to live, work or just travel in Ireland.



Ireland Gap Year Jobs

Ireland Gap Year Jobs

Find flexible summer and year round gap year jobs in Ireland. Local companies and also international agencies hire gap year participants to work in Ireland every year.



Ireland Gap Year

Budget for a Gap Year in Ireland

Ireland can be an expensive destination to visit but there are lots of ways to save money.

If you are travelling from mainland Europe you can often find special promotions on flights with low cost airlines like EasyJet and Ryan Air where you can travel for as low as £1. There is also a bus and ferry service connecting Ireland to the UK which is also cheap but takes a lot longer. Also try to book accommodation in advance and avoid holiday season, also for St Patrick's Day in March everything gets booked up early and beds / rooms are at a premium.

Some of your biggest costs can be accommodation, food and drink which all add up to eat away at your budget. This destination is famous for Guiness and there are nightly events thoughout the country every day of the week, but drinking can quickly eat away at your budget and you might find yourself spending more on drink than accommodation. Try cutting back on your drinking or just trying local pubs away from hotspots like Temple Bar in Dublin where a pint of beer or Guinness can cost around 6 euros.



Ireland Gap Year Programs

Top Place to Visit: The Cliffs of Moher

Located on the coast of County Clare in the mid-west of Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher are visited by approximately one million visitors a year, making it Ireland's most popular natural attraction. Gazing out across the Atlantic Ocean, the Cliffs of Moher span 5 miles and reach heights of 702 feet. They are also a perfect destination for bird-watchers, as they are home to over 20 species of bird including the endangered peregrine falcons.



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