Kampot 2 Day Itinerary

Kampot 2 Day Itinerary

Kampot, is the perfect relaxing destination in Cambodia and below you can get top ideas for what to do here for a few days. In this quaint little town is something much more spectacular. It's a sea of silence from the harshness of Phnom Penh and Bangkok that can be seen as a godsend. If you are wondering what to do in Kampot this guide will help.

Below Kali Mason shares her experience of visiting Kampot for a weekend break from the hustle and bustle of Phnom Penh, this is easily one of the best places to visit in Cambodia which you have probably never heard of...


Getting to Kampot

It took me three hours to get there, maybe two and a half, from Phnom Penh (around the same on the way back as well) by Giant Ibis once again. They were very quick, efficient and let you have a toilet break in the middle of the journey; most bus companies may take five hours to take you there. It's also worth noting that this was a minibus and it cost me $8 each way but there are also cheaper options by a few dollars or less.


Where to Stay

I stayed at Samon's Village which I highly recommend. You stay in a bungalow-style room in the thick of Kampot where you can hear every sound varying from the mooing of cows to the sound of dogs play fighting and chickens clucking and then the more eccentric: beetles, geckos and buffalo, maybe a tiger if you're lucky. There are various bungalow-style hotels around Samon's Village that offer a similar service such as Olly's Place; it's good to try these out as they are only around $6 a night (most expensive being $9).


Day 1

The first day I was mainly spent on my bike. I hired one for $1 but at Olly's Place you can get one for free with your room booking. You can also rent a motorcycle if you know how to ride. Kampot is a very small place so it will take only a few hours to scope out the place. I ended up at a large market where no one spoke a word of English but I grabbed some lovely food there: rice with cucumber, lettuce and picked carrots with lashings of soy sauce. There are obviously western places you can venture to such as Ellie's, Captain Chim's and Rikitikitavi; mostly Italian, American and Indian food places which are to die for.


Day 2

On the second day I went on a tour around Bokor Mountain. Although it was foggy and rainy for the majority of the time I did enjoy myself all the same; I seen the Bokor Hill Station, Casino and waterfall which were all quite eerie in the fog. Our guide spoke to us about how the Vietnamese were here and all I could think about were the fact the soldiers probably walked where I was stood. It was an amazing time out! Then in the evening I went on a river cruise which was included in the tour price, this lasted two hours and started to rain heavily at the end but I did get some lovely photos. My advice: ask around a few tour guide companies on price. I paid $13 but others in my group paid $9 or $10!


Kampot in one sentence: the most silence you could ever want but with minimal sights to see a weekend is all you'll need.

By Kali Mason


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