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A TEFL qualification is a valuable, professional and internationally recognised tool if you would like to teach English abroad. Search affordable accredited classroom courses throughout in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Best TEFL & TESOL Certification Courses in the UK

Search cheap classroom TEFL courses throughout England, Wales and Scotland and get qualified to teach abroad.

Get Your TEFL Certification in the United Kingdom

TEFL Courses UK

Are you looking to get TEFL qualified? Taking a TEFL course will improve your understanding and will considerably improve your confidence and effectiveness as a teacher. It is also a lifetime qualification which will maximise your job potential, add weight to your CV and help you secure employment.  We have a range of TEFL courses to help you secure a dream of teaching English abroad. On completion of the course you receive a certificate and letter of reference stating the material you’ve covered and the skills you’ve gained. You can also continue your training with an optional distance learning course if you wish. This will go into greater depth and introduce topics not covered on the weekend course. 

Graduates usually have the edge when seeking TEFL employment abroad, and beyond, most of the companies we have listed have a high success rate of job offerss on successful completion of a TEFL course. Courses not only meet and exceed the requirements set out by the British Council but they also focus on the specific needs of students as they prepare you for life working as a teacher overseas.

The encouragement and guidance given by experienced staff ensures that teachers are well-prepared for the adventure and challenge of teaching and working abroad. This trainee-centered program includes supporting you through the decision process, preparing you for the move and all the support you could possible need on arrival to make your life overseas a success. Because of our special focus on teaching business English, graduates are in a position to be placed in the best and most well-paid teaching jobs whilst working overseas

TEFL teacher training courses in the UK are of the highest quality, well organized and with excellent support and guidance throughout. All are open, honest and up front and give you complete focus with the aim of helping you pick up skills to teach abroad.


Weekend TEFL Courses in the UK

In just one weekend you will be able to change your life! Weekend TEFL courses are known throughout the world and many participants have gone on to get further voluntary or paid work in destinations worldwide. We believe in the value of training and through the companies we have listed on our website you can find a great choice of weekend TEFL courses. Taking a weekend course will give you the practical skills and knowledge to teach overseas, you will increase your confidence and get top advice and recommendations during a short period of 2 days. You can join in places throughout the UK in major cities which are convenient for national travel links and has lots of great accommodation. Everybody is welcome to apply for these courses.



We have a selection of cheap TEFL courses in the UK but the cost of the courses includes all tuition and course materials, as well as refreshments. Weekend courses generally cost around £149 for a beginner 20 hour level or £300 for a more advanced option. Some longer courses which can last 4 weeks generally cost around £1000. 


Popular Places to Book a TEFL Course

You can join courses throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Popular places to take a course include:


East Anglia

London & Surrounding Area







Northern Ireland




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United Kingdom TEFL Course Reviews

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"While juggling a degree, a TEFL qualification, and almost full time hours in the coffee shop I went a little bit mental but to say it was 100% worth is feels like an understatement. I finished the course at the start of June and by the end of June I had my first job. I was lucky, very lucky, to find a TEFL company in the UK who needed to hire, and were happy to take on a first time teacher. I spent summer working in my university town teaching 3 hours a day and earning almost double what I was getting at the coffee shop."  - Emma Lander, UK


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