Learn Italian Abroad

So, you’re thinking about learning Italian? Then you have definitely come to the right place, with One World 365 being a wonderful source of information to aid you on this journey. If you work well in classroom based settings, there are hundreds of schools across the world, focused on nothing more than teaching the language. 


Italian Language Courses

Find Italian language classes from the best language schools worldwide.

Popular Destinations to Study Italian







Guide to Learning Italian 


Types of Courses Available to Join

Generally these are the courses offered:

  • Italian for adults
  • Italian courses for Seniors
  • Italian for Professionals
  • Italian courses plus activities
  • Italian Exam Preparation
  • Italian courses for Juniors


Other Locations you can learn

There are places all around the world where you can study Italian, language courses are offered in cities like London.


Our guide to learning Italian in Italy was written by Kristina Mazhindu 

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