Jobs and Internships in Iceland

Iceland is a fantastic country to work and there are lots of seasonal jobs available to apply for all year round. Expect friendly locals, spectacular scenery, a relaxed and high standard of living, competative wages and also lots of things to do in your spare time. Iceland is a popular country to work in with people from the UK but lots of people from all around the world apply every year. 


Seasonal, Summer, Winter & Working Holiday Jobs in Iceland

Work in Iceland

Guide to Working in Iceland

Looking to work abroad in Europe? Choose Iceland for an incredible experience! Jobs for foreigners in Iceland can be found throughout the country in areas like hotels, hospitality, bars, restaurants, healthcare, tourism, finance, biotechnology, energy, IT, software, childcare, agriculture and farming. Although most people want to find employment in the capital city of Reykavic there are opportunities throughout the country.

You can find paid jobs in more remote areas of the country working in farming and agriculture, some farms and fish processing plants in seaside towns and villages hire international staff throughout the year.

Some local and international companies offering au pair jobs in Iceland where you will live with a local host family and look after children. You will need to go through an application process and also have previous experience to apply. This is a great way to experience the country on a budget though as your costs will be low, don't expect to make a lot of money either though. 



Visa and Immigration Information for Working in Iceland

Although Iceland is not part of the European Union (EU) most EU citizens do not need a visa or work permit to enter the country and work. If you are planning to stay in Iceland for more than three months you will need to apply for a residence permit which is very easy to apply for once in the country.



What to Think about Before Applying

There are also several things you will need to consider when thinking about working in Iceland which include the high cost of living. You will need some funds to cover basic costs like accommodation, food and transport - this is not a cheap country to work in. When looking for jobs try to see if there are any benefits like free accommodation - this will make the transition easier.



Top Tips for Working in Iceland

You will find most Icelanders speak English which they learn from an early age but you might want to also consider learning some local words and phrases.



How to Apply

You can search and apply for jobs in advance of arrival which will give you a headstart over other job seekers or just seek out employment locally. If you have a degree and a skilled career then you stand a better chance of increasing your chances of landing a dream job. 



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Internships in Iceland

Guide to Interning in Iceland

There are work experiene placements and internships available to apply for in Iceland which can be joined during summer and all year round. Students, graduates and anyone seeking to gain experience can apply. Interning in Iceland can be a great way to get a foot hold in the competitive job market and also make new professional contacts. Most internships do not provide a wage but some companies will give a stipend salary to cover transport and meals.



Intern Programs in Iceland

Top Reasons to Intern in Iceland

  • Gain experience
  • Work alongside local people and other international staff
  • Iceland is one of the safest countries in the world
  • Experience a unique culture and country
  • This will look fantastic on your CV / resume
  • Lots to do in your spare time



Popular Internship Fields in Iceland

  • Agriculture
  • Biology
  • Communications
  • Ecology & Environmental, Forestry & Geology 
  • Finance and banking
  • Food Science and Nutrition 
  • Hotel/Restaurant/Hospitality 
  • Humanities, IT and Web Design
  • Sales, Marketing, Advertising, PR, Media, Radio, TV, Film & Photography 
  • Social Work, Sales, Statistics
  • Tourism & Sustainable Development



Internships in Reykjavik

Internships in Reykjavik

Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland is where most internships can be joined. This city has a population of around 120,000 inhabitants and is our top recommend city to intern in. Reykjavik is a very cultured city and is a great place to live whilst interning. There are a range of internships available to join here including



Paid Internships in Iceland

You will find most internships in Iceland are unpaid, but this really depends on the company. A lot of internships in Iceland for students are unpaid because they compensate you with school credit. 



Cost of Living

You will need to have saving to be able to cover food and accommodation, which in Iceland is expensive. We recommend having savings to cover around 100,000 ISK of out-goings per month, housing generally costs around 4-60,000 ISK per month. There are lots of ways to save money, try to buy food at local supermarkets and cook at home - eating out can eat away at your budget in Iceland.



How to Apply

Iceland is becoming a popular place intern and you can contact companies online in advance or once in the country.



Iceland Internship Reviews

Would you like to review a company or internship? Contact us today.



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