Work in Ecuador

Work in Ecuador

Find companies who offer jobs in Ecuador for foreigners where you will get to live and work in this amazing South American country. Working holidays in Ecuador are popular with travelers and internationals you can find a wide range of positions.


Jobs & Internships in Ecuador

A Guide to Working in Ecuador

Work in Ecuador

If you are looking for a difference experience and would like to experience life in South America then think about applying for an Ecuador working holiday. You will be able to mix with local people and enjoy the cultural highlights.

Positions can include being English language teacher, working at a farm, working in the hospitality industry, working at a guest house, lodge, hotel or hostel. Hospitality and bar jobs in Ecuador are popular too. You can apply all year round and you could also teach English, there are paid positions available at academies and schools.

You will be able to experience the culture and atmosphere of South America and make new friends from all over the world. 


Popular Places to Seek Employment

  • Quito


Top Tips to Gain Employment

If you do not speak the local lingo you will struggle to find work. We recommend booking a Spanish langugae course in Ecuador.


Internships in Ecuador

Search full and contrasting internship programmes which aim to challenge both your mind and your muscles whilst satisfying your itchy feet as you’ll have the opportunity to travel the length and breadth of this fantastic country. From the sophisticated, metropolis of Quito to the charming rural lifestyle in the Andes to the famous Galapagos - you can see it all.


Types of Internships Available

  • Community Development
  • Conservation & Eco Tourism
  • Law & Human Rights


Language Requirements

It is highly recommend you learn at least basic Spanish. Intensive lessons can be given to all interns on arrival.


Internships in Quito

Most intern programs can be joined in the capital city - Quito which is a great place to live and learn. This is one of our favourite cities to intern in South America and you will fall in love with the people, culture and atmosphere. There are also lots of things you can do at weekends and in your spare time. We highly recommend kicking back on the famous Ruta del Sol, a beach bums tour of the finest sands and nightlife on the Pacific coast. Enjoy whale watching and surfing off Montanita - perfect place to relax from city life!


Paid Internships in Ecuador

Finding paid placements can be tough, this country is quite poor compared to other worldwide intern abroad destinations. Some of our featured programs offer free accommodation and meals, whilst some countries might also provide a monthly stipend salary.


How to Apply

Some international companies offer structured internships to international participants, they offer: 

  • Placements
  • Meals 
  • Accommodation For Duration of Your Stay
  • 24/7 Emergency Backup
  • In-Country Contact
  • Airport & Project Transport




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