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Interested in working in Cyprus! Find seasonal, temporary, casual and holiday resort jobs throughout the island. Cyprus is an incredible destination, this island has history, beautiful beaches and warm weather. Search positions today.


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If you are wondering where Cyprus is located, you will find it around 30 miles off the Turkish coast in the Med, you can expect sun almost all year round. One of the benefits of applying for jobs here is there are so many beaches and relaxation spots. This is a very laid back destination and one which you will love working in. There is a good mix of locals and tourists both young and old.

Cyprus attractions thousands of tourists every year and this is where the majority of jobs can be found. English is spoken in Cyprus which makes integration easier. This is one of the most popular summer destinations for tourists but it is recommended you learn some basic Greek and Turkish words/phrases which are the local languages here. 

Cyprus has lots of party destinations which is famous for nightlife, dance clubs and a lively atmosphere. This country attracts thousands of young revelers every summer who party the night away, if this sounds appealing why not stay for the whole summer working for a bar or club promoting big nights out. Jobs can include generating interest in special events or selling drinks and promotions. During the low season you might get work for around 4-5 days per week around 6 hours per day, but during peak season you could work 6-7 days and longer hours. Soak up the sun and enjoy life in Cyprus by applying to work here today.

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Best Places to Seek Employment in Cyprus

Cyprus isn't the biggest country in the world but there are still a lot of places to choose when it comes to working here. These are usually peoples top choices for a summer job destination:


Ayia Napa


Other Locations

  • Latchi
  • Paphos
  • Limassol
  • Larnaca
  • Nissi Bay
  • Protaras


Summer Jobs in Cyprus 

Most summer jobs on this island can be found in tourism, hospitality and customer support e.g. working in a bar, cafe, hotel and restaurant. Tasks and roles can include cooking, cleaning, serving customers, waiting tables, serving drinks etc. There are also rep jobs, activity leader positions, childcare jobs and 'PR' and promoting jobs available especially during summer at peak times for visitors. Most of these types of jobs in Cyprus include a weekly wage, accommodation and sometimes meals. Depending on the job you will usually work 5-6 days per week around 6-8 hours per day. Wages can vary but expect anything from 400 - 1200 euros per month.

To work as a rep you will need lots of energy and be prepared to work long days / nights. Don’t expect much sleep but it’s a really enjoyable experience and allows you to do something fun and meet other people from all over the world. At certain points of the year you can also find harvest and fruit picking jobs, these are not advertised with large companies but you are best searching our jobs like this locally. Working as a PR is Cyprus is popular and an easy way to secure employment but you will need to be good at sales.

Landing a job during summer in Cyprus can be difficult if you don't arrive early in the season, you can arrange a placement through an agency we have listed on our website or alternatively you can turn up and apply direct. You will need to be create and friendly trying to meet new people and talking to managers/staff who could potentially give you a job. It is always recommended to do some research on websites like Facebook before applying, check topt tips and also how past workers got on.

You will need to be friendly and demonstrate you are hard-working - usually no previous experience like a degree is required as applying to work here for a summer season isn't like applying for a normal 9-5 job.


Salary for Working in Cyprus

Wages for jobs in Cyprus can be low compared to mainland Europe seasonal jobs but you will get to experience living in a warm climate and a really beautiful location. The minimum wage is around €740 per month for general jobs but if you are working a temporary position you might be on commission or a different set rate.


How to Apply

The most popular time for jobs / tourism is summer around April – October, this is when there is the highest need for staff but applications are open all year round and its advised to apply early due to the popularity of the destination. Working in a bar as a server is your best bet for find employment due to the amount of establishments. You can find employment out of the summer months but there is usually less demand for foreign staff with less people populating the island. On our website we list companies who offer job packages, some agencies charge a sign up fee which usually includes meals, accommodation and help/support in gaining employment. it is very rare to find employers who will pay for your flights.


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