Jobs in Cuba

If the idea of working abroad in Cuba appeals to you our guide can help make it happen. You can search jobs, recruiters and read our guide to working in Cuba for foreigners which includes information on visas, popular positions and recommended companies.  


Search jobs and recruiters for international staff in Cuba.

How to Work in Cuba

Cuba jobs

Places you can gain employment in Cuba include tourism, hotels, dive centers, in industries like electricity, mining, and also language schools. There are lots of tourism resorts which offer roles to internationals where you can work in business, promotion, marketing and also more hands on roles like activity instructors.

If you are a skilled professional for example you work in construction, engineering or mining you will stand a better chance of getting fixed full time employment compared to unskilled workers. Another popular option we recommend is to apply for teaching jobs in Cuba, this is a popular route with travellers as there are language schools located throughout the country.

For a rewarding experince you might like to apply for volunteer work in Cuba which although is unpiad, will provide you with a really incredible experience. If you don't already know Spanish we highly recommend you start learning as most jobs will require you to know the local language. You could combine experiences and book a Spanish course in Cuba which will provide a boost when it comes to employment.


Best Places to Seek Employment

  • Havana
  • Trinidad
  • Santiago
  • Coast tourist resorts


Jobs in Cuba for Americans

Work in Cuba

We get lots of e-mails asking about employment in Cuba for US citizens and our best advice is to wait and see how relaxed restrictions go. It is only recently that tourism is being allowed and promoted but think work visas will soon be relaxed too. We recommend searching for more jobs in the Caribbean.



What you get paid really depends on the company and position. You will usually be paid in the local currency: cuban peso (Cu$) but please don't expect salaries to be high, this is a developing country.


Cost of Living


  • Budget: US$5-10
  • Mid-range: US$10-20
  • Top-end: US$20 and upwards


  • Budget: US$15-25
  • Mid-range: US$25-100
  • Top-end: US$100 and upwards



Getting a work visa for Cuba is difficult, you will need to have a company or person offer you a job beforehand to obtain the correct visa. A lot of well established companies in Cuba, and also international operators offer work visas to foreigners. Some people, especially travellers seeking jobs for backpackers in Cuba turn up on a toruist visa and then work cash in hand usually teaching. This is not recommended though as yourun the risk of getting caught.


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