Internships in Philippines

Looking for an exotic destination to gain work experience? Find internships in the Philippines with local and international companies. There are placements throughout the country in places like Cebu and Manilla.


Internship Programs & Work Experience Placements in Philippines

Top Reasons to Apply

Internships in Philippines

If you are considering internships in Asia there are so many reasons why you should choose the Philippines as your destination including:

  • Facsinating cities
  • Local people speak English
  • There are lots of gap year programs in Philippines where you can build experience
  • Perfect if you are keen on the idea of going to work in Philippines and would like to get a foot in the door as some companies offer paid jobs on completion
  • Looks fantastic on your CV
  • See spectacular places and sights in your spare time
  • A great opportunity to live and work in a totally different country/culture


Best Places to Find Internships in Philippines

Your best chances of getting accepted on an international intern program is to apply in the larger cities like:

  • Quezon City
  • Manila - most popular and top rated destination
  • Budta
  • Davao City
  • Malingao
  • Cebu City
  • General Santos
  • Taguig
  • Pasig
  • Antipolo  



You can join placements in a range of areas like:

  • Business and finance
  • Education and teaching
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • NGO and conservation


Paid Internships in Philippines

Finding paid internships in the Philippines can be difficult but your best chances are with international companies. Some companies especially in areas like business and tourism offer internships in the Philippines with allowances, flight assistance or help towards meals and accommodation.


Philippines Internship Reviews

"I joined a media internship in Tacloban with Volunteer for the Visayans which was genuinely an amazing experience. VFV really make a difference to local communities and I really feel like I was able to learn and contribute." - Vicky, UK


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