Internships in Nicaragua

Are you looking to gain practical hands on experience in a spectacular country? An internship in Nicaragua will be a fantastic learning experience. There are flexible summer and also year round internships available to apply for with local and international companies. 


Intern & Work Experience Placements in Nicaragua

Internships in Nicaragua for Foreigners

If you are feeling adventurous and are looking to intern in Latin America then we highly recommend you consider Nicaragua. This country is a spectacular place to live and learn. Internships are open to international students, graduates and anyone seeking to gain work experience. Some companies require previous experience but there are also general placements which will provide training and support.



Popular industries to intern include education, tourism, business, healthcare, NGO, conservation and sustainability. Most intern providers will require you to know Spanish, you might want to book a Spanish language course in Nicaragua if you would like to enhance your chances of getting placed.


Popular Places to Intern in Nicaragua

  • Managua (the capital)
  • Granada
  • León
  • Ciudad Sandino


Paid Internships in Nicaragua

Getting a paid internship in Nicaragua is difficult but not impossible. Some companies offer structured placements and sometimes full time positions on completion. 


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