Internships in Croatia

If you have you ever thought about going to intern in Croatia our guide will help you achieve a dream placement. Applying to intern in Croatia will open up new avenues for your future career, you will get to gain work experience and experience the local cultural, diversity and attractions. There are summer and year round paid and structured internships available.



Popular Places to Intern in Croatia

  • Zagreb
  • Split
  • Rijeka
  • Osijek
  • Zadar
  • Slavonski Brod
  • Pula
  • Sesvete
  • Karlovac



Types of Internships Available

  • Advertising, Marketing & PR
  • Architecture and Interior Design
  • Business & Consulting
  • Journalism
  • Finance
  • Hotels and Tourism
  • International Trade
  • IT & Graphic Design
  • Law & Legal
  • Media & Marketing
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • NGOs & Charities
  • Other
  • Tourism



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