Best Hotels in New York

Are you thinking about planning a trip to New York? View our advice and tips for finding cheap hotels and hostels in New York and also where the best places to stay are. 


Best Hotels in New York

Our top suggestions include:


The Park Savoy

Located in Midtown, Manhattan this hotel is a good choice for somewhere to stay without breaking the bank. 


Hotel Carter

Hotel Carter is one of the cheaper hotels in New York with great room rates available all year round. The interior is dated and reviews are mixed but you can't beat the location which is around 30 seconds from Times Square. Prices are also a fraction of the price of nearby hotels.


The Gershwin Hotel

A popular choice for a cheap hotel, the rates are competative and the location is also close to the subway and major tourist attractions


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How to Find Cheap Hotels in New York

If you are really on a budget you might want to stay in New Jersey, Queens, Brooklyn or by an airport where the prices are cheaper but you will need to commute into the main city. New York has a good public transport system and so if you don't mind travelling into city every morning and back at night then this could be a good option which will save you hundreds of dollars. 


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