Dynasties of Vietnam Tour

Company : Worldaway Learning Tours
Location : Hanoi, Vietnam
Duration: 1 week to 2 weeks
Approx Costs: 1000 to 3000+ $ Dollars (US)

Take a journey through time as we delve into the fascinating history of Vietnam's most influential ruling dynasties!

Welcome to one of the most exotic countries in the world, host to some of the most unique empires of world history…

These are the Dynasties of Vietnam!

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Day 1: Sunday - Arrival Day

Arrival at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi. You will be welcomed by our guide and transferred to your hotel for check-in. Afternoon & Evening: Free time to explore Hanoi.

Day 2: Monday - Explore Vietnam History & Culture

Morning & Afternoon: Vietnam National Historical Museum (VNHM)
* Meet with your guide and walk from the hotel to the VNHM. Watch documentary film on the museum’s formation history, architecture and items/artifacts on display at the VNHM.
* Exchange general information about the training course.

Day 3: Tuesday - Back to Early Time of Vietnam History

Morning: Vietnam National Historical Museum (VNHM)
* Visit VNHM & its display of Vietnamese first feudal kingdoms and their capitals.
* Teacher will talk about Vietnam’s early formation, starting with the oldest capitals of Phong Chau and Co Loa.
* Discuss and answer questions from students after the lecture.

Afternoon: Move from Hanoi to Phong Chau – formal Capital (Viet Tri City, Phu Tho Province)
* Students will learn how to cook “Chung” cake, a traditional cake in our Traditional New Year. This cake was created by a son of the first Hung King. He passed the examination of the King and became the 2nd king in Vietnam history by creating to this cake.
* Meet a Vietname Artisan, a famous singer of Xoan folksongs at a pagoda of the village

Day 4: Wednesday - Back to Early Time of Vietnam History

Morning: Phong Chau district, Viet Tri City, Phu Tho Province
* Visit Hung King Temple, learn about the first capital of Vietnam, Hung King Museum and traditional festivals, fairy stories reflecting customs, culture and tradition of Viet people.

Afternoon: Move from Phong Chau to Hanoi

Day 5: Thursday - Co Loa Capital

Morning: Co Loa Capital, Dong Anh District, Hanoi City
* Transfer to Co Loa Capital, visit An Duong Vuong temple, My Chau pricess temple, Jade Well etc
* Learn about the history of Co Loa capital and the country formation history during the An Duong Vuong and Ngo Quyen King dynasty.
* Learn about the history of building and protecting a country of Vietnamese people in early time.

Afternoon: Co Loa Capital, Dong Anh District, Hanoi City
* Experience using crossbow, a kind of weapon created during this time in history.
* Making Bong cake, a kind of traditional cake of local people in this area.
* Learn about the technique in building Co Loa citadel and hands-on experience in building the citadel.

Day 6: Friday - Discover Secrets From The Underground

Morning: Vietnam National Historical Museum (VNHM)
* Gather at VNHM and learn about Vietnam history from the century X – XIV under the dynasty of Ngo and Tran, with focus on the important role of Hoa Lu Capital (Ninh Binh), Thang Long Capital (Hanoi) and Tay Do Capital (Thanh Hoa province) and airtifacts founded from the underground.
* Team work on the subject of Hoa Lu Capital (Ninh Binh), Thang Long Capital (Hanoi) and Tay Do Capital (Thanh Hoa province), handicraft villages and special persons in Vietnam feudal dynasty history.

Afternoon: Thang Long Royal Citadel
* Visit Thang Long Royal Citadel, study about its history, architecture, decoration etc.
* Visit underground display area D67 and special relics

Day 7: Saturday - Hoa Lu - Former Capital

Morning: Move from Hanoi to Ninh Binh Provice (90km = 2 hours)
* Visit Hoa Lu former capital, Dinh Le Temple.
* Bike from there to Tam Coc.

Afternoon: Tam Coc Canals & Bich Dong Cave
* 2 hours boat trip on Tam Coc Canals.
* Visit Bich Dong Cave.
* Mountains by bicycle.

Day 8: Sundat - Ho Former Capital

Morning: Move to Ho Capital in Thanh Hoa
* Visit Ho formal capital in Thanh Hoa Province.
* Discover this capital by bicycle.

* Travel back to Hanoi for overnight.

Day 9: Monday - The Last Deudal Dynasty in Vietnam History

Morning: Vietnam National Historical Museum (VNHM)
* Visit VNHM, focus on Nguyen Dynasty from 19th – 20th century, study about its system of government, Hue royal citadel, architecture, Dai Nam (fomer name of Vietnam) map, and other artifacts collections.
* Lectures about Nguyen dynasty at class with teacher.

Afternoon: Team work at Vietnam National Historical Museum (VNHM)
* Students will be divided into two teams:
– Team 1: Support daily work at “discovery room”.
– Team 2: The Museum’s preservation experts share information and learn to reconstruct artifacts at the museum.

Day 10: Tuesday - Nguyen's Royal Treasures

Morning: Vietnam National Historical Museum (VNHM)
* Study about Nguyen’s royal treasures collections at VNHM including worship items, daily life items, power symbol items etc.
* Students make a presentation about one of the items in the collections which is the most impressive to him/her.

Afternoon: Volunteer & Teamwork at the Museum
* Students will be divided into two teams:
– Team 1: Support daily work at “discovery room”.
– Team 2: The Museum’s preservation experts share information and learn to reconstruct artifacts at the museum.

Evening: Train to Hue
* Transfer to railway station. Take a night train to Hue.

Day 11: Wednesday - Hue City, Imperial Citadel & Kings Tombs

Morning: Arrive in Hue Early Morning
* Transfer to local restaurant for breakfast.
* Visit the Imperial Citadel and learn about 13 kings of Nguyen dynasty in Vietnam

Afternoon: Thien Mu Pagoda & Tu Hieu Pagoda
* Boat trip along Perfume River To Thien Mu Pagoda.
* Visit Thien Mu Pagoda and learn about its history.
* Visit Tu Hieu Pagoda, located in a hidden pine hill where you will see graves of eunuchs in Nguyen Dynasty and learn of their stories.

Day 12: Thursday - Hue City, Imperial Citadel & King Tombs

Morning: Perfume River & King Ming Mang
* Visit the tomb of King Ming Mang, upstream of Perfume River.
* Visit tomb of King Tu Duc.

Afternoon: Tombs Architecture & the Fengshui Theory
* Visit tomb of King Khai Dinh.
* Learn about the tombs’ architecture, building process stories and fengshui theory.

Day 13: Friday - Thanh Toan Ancient Bridge

* Morning: Ride a bicycle from hotel to Thanh Toan Ancient Bridge.
* Afternoon: Visit country side and nearby villages.
* Evening: Overnight on the train back to Hanoi. Transfer to railway station.

Day 14: Saturday - Graduation Dinner

Morning: Arrive in Hanoi early morning
* Transfer to local beef noodle restaurant for breakfast.
* Transfer to hotel.

Afternoon: Free Time

Evening: Graduation Dinner
* 6pm – Graduation Dinner at the Vietnam National History Museum!
* Teachers share their comments on essays and students can talk about the course.
* Receive Graduation Certificate!

Day 15: Sunday - Departure Day

Transfer to Noi Bai International Airport for departure flight.



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