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Based in Ghana’s capital, Accra, We Care was established in 2016 as a charitable organization.

Our aim is to make long term  positive impacts and brghten the future of the next generation, alleviate poverty and create better opportunities for the under-priviledged children and disadvantaged communities through our projects.

We are dedicated to championing an improved quality of life for empowering women, children, youth, and the marginalised groups, WE CARE, actively engages in community-based social services in the areas of education, health, sports and agriculture among others in order to give equal opportunities to the vulnerable ones and underprivileged communities.

It has among its objectives to provide social interventions and community services for the underprivileged communities and vulnerable people, particularly women and children. We operate mostly at the hinterlands of Ghana, where majority of the people there lack social amenities and other social services such as education and health. Although we are based in Accra, we also have regional presence. We have offices in Kumasi, Tamale, and Takoradi. 

These regional offices facilitate our humanitarian and community development projects outside Accra. We believe in putting smiles on the faces of the underprivileged communities and vulnerable people in the society through our social services and volunteering works. For an in-depth information regarding what we do as a charitable organisation.

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