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Volunteering Solutions is a global volunteer placement provider with projects in more than 30 destinations across the world, including the likes of Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and Latin America. 

You can join volunteer programs throughout the year and some of the most popular program destinations are India, Nepal, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Peru and Costa Rica. There are volunteering programs available which you can join from a period of 1 week to over 6 months. We are accredited by WYSETC and all our programs are fully compliant to the WYSETC guidelines. Our programs start at $200.

There are lots of placements where you can make a big difference, you could apply to work at an orphanage and help children, join educational programs like teaching English, working on skilled placements like medical and healthcare electives, helping communities and street children or working towards improving conservation efforts around the world with animals and the environment. There are also a wide range of internships and volunteer work experience placements where you can gain hands on work experience in different areas like media, journalism and medicine.

These programs are very popular with students, graduates and people looking to make a different on a holiday or career break. All nationalities can apply; you don't need any previous experience but just a desire to help. Popular volunteering programs include travelling to Sri Lanka and working with elephants, helping local NGO's in Kenya and teaching English, working for a magazine in Thailand and working with impoverished communities in India. These are just a few of the opportunities but there really are inspiring projects all around the world which you could join.

Volunteering Solutions is reviewed as a highly credible placement organization and the programs are really rewarding and allow you to have more than just a holiday. You will be able to interact and really help local people whilst you'll be able to understand the culture and atmosphere of countries all around the world. To join you will need to pay a low program fee which includes a donation to local projects and covers your accommodation and food. There will also be lots of free time to travel and see more of a destination and Volunteering Solutions can help you arrange tours and excursions.

Volunteering Solutions are one of the most popular volunteer sending agencies in the world and thousands of people have already participated on programs. For a really meaningful international volunteer experience abroad choose to volunteer with Volunteering Solutions. 

Duration / Dates

You can join programs every month throughout the year.

Costs / Pay

Programs starting at $200 + $225 (Application Fee) for 1 week inclusive of stay and meals, and sometimes travel. Depending on the package you choose.

Placement Info

Placements can be booked a year or two in advance from the stipulated start date.

Contact Info

Tel: UK:+44-20 8133 9939 US: 1-888 790 3096

Contact / Enquiry

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Volunteering Solutions Reviews

My Review of Volunteering in Kenya with Volunteering Solutions

I volunteered at an orphanage in Kenya with Volunteering Solutions but I wouldn't recommend them. Here are my reasons why...

First of all I think it is really expensive for the services they offer. It was my first time travelling alone, once my plane arrived in Nairobi I went out and I was expecting to see someone there waiting for me, but nobody was there. My tutor was supposed to pick me up, but he was not there on time. I was really scared, fortunately a girl from the airport helped me.

Another thing, they don’t offer lunch during the week. That’s fine because I signed a contract that said that, but, we didn’t have a kitchen in the apartment so, if you're sick during the week, and you can't go to your volunteer program, you're not supposed to have lunch. We asked for it many times and the answer was "we don’t offer lunch during the week". You live in an apartment that, at least in Kenya, is not that near the programs, actually the orphanage was the closer one and I had to take two matatus (bus) to arrive there.

The tutor took me there on my first day and he told me I was supposed to go there by myself the next day even though I didn't know the name of the neighborhoods. Again, I asked if he could take me and pick me up for the first week and I will pay for the matatus, and the answer was one more time no.

I can say a hundred more, but I won't continue, I just don’t recommend Volunteering Solutions at all. I ABSOLUTELY recommend anyone to volunteer, and also I recommend Kenya and projects like the Makimei children’s home or any other home that needs help. It’s been the best experience I've ever had, I loved being there, I think you can understand life from another place once you become a volunteer. I can promise anyone that goes for a volunteer that you won’t regret, you're going to receive much more love that the one you will give.

By: Milagros
Nationality: Argentina
Age: 23

The best staff!!!

I participated in the special program for two weeks with street children in Delhi - India. Everyone of The company made my experience unforgettable. the staff is very organized and concerned all the time with our safety and in helping to carry out all our ideas and wishes. I recommended to everyone who wants to join the passion for traveling with the willingness to help.

By: Tatiana Mello
Nationality: Brazil
Age: 30

Great placements but don’t get what you pay for

Agree with most of the other comments. I had an AMAZING project/placement and the local staff were absolutely amazing, but we simply didn’t get anywhere close to what we paid for. Lack of meals was the key factor here. All meals should be included. In my Thailand Volontour program we basically paid for everything aside from lodging/transportation out of pocket.

By: Nathan
Nationality: USA
Age: 27

I would recommend VolSol if you are thinking about volunteering abroad.

I went to volunteer on a community based program with children in Rabat, Morocco with my mum. The staff at VolSol are very helpful and we got all the information and everything needed before departing. I really enjoy every moment of the program and the children were wonderful. My host family were also very nice and made sure we felt at home.

This really was one of the most memorable experiences of my life, the smiles when working with the kids will stay with me forever. The staff in country Ali and Jihane made sure everything went well and they were always there if we needed any help. I feel blessed to have had this opportunity.

By: Madhuri Murlikrishnan
Nationality: United States
Age: 34

Needed More Organization

I was in New Delhi for the month of August of 2016. My first week I did the Language & Culture Week and the next three weeks I volunteered through the Women Empowerment Program. My accommodation and stay was good. Rajiv, the host, was great and the assistant coordinator Dheeraj was also extremely sociable and helpful. I also met some really great volunteers and had an amazing time with them.

As far as my volunteer experience, I was actually really disappointed. There was some miscommunication about my placement and what I would be doing. I also was traveling to and from the location alone, which made me really uncomfortable with the staring, the environment and the groups of men always standing around trying to talk to me. I didn't find out where I would be volunteering until the morning I was supposed to volunteered, 15 minutes before I was supposed to go. My placement booklet also listed a different volunteer location than where I was actually placed (I was at the Vidya Usha Silai Center in Munirka). I definitely had an expect the unexpected attitude but I would've liked a little more warning and preparation for what I was going to get myself into, rather than finding out very last minute.

I didn't know I would be teaching English, something I have no experience doing, nor the qualifications. I wasn't prepared to teach and lacked the proper resources to even prepare myself to teach the classes, PERIOD. It was hard teaching English when nobody but the center's teacher spoke it (even her English wasn't that great). There was also a lot of disorganization at the center. Oftentimes I would come in thinking I would be teaching to only find that the students wouldn't be coming for class that day, which left me just sitting there looking clueless for the entire time. I didn't feel as though I was actually empowering anyone. Of course I didn't come to India expecting to change the world within those three weeks BUT, I wanted to at least leave some seed of knowledge. Most of the girls and women at the center will probably forget about me. It seemed as though they had no idea why I was even there in the first place and they all didn't know about my last day until it was literally time for me to leave Friday evening. I felt useless and like I didn't accomplish anything.

I did have a few rewarding moments volunteering but they were short-lived after realizing that I truly had no purpose at the Munirka Center. Most of my good times came from the other volunteers I stayed with and learning from my bad experiences. However, my main purpose being in India was to volunteer, which is why I rated VolSol with 3 out of 5 stars.

By: Ayana
Nationality: American
Age: 23

Life Changing Experience with Volunteering Solutions

During 2014 I decided to take part in the “Thailand Summer Volunteer and Adventure Program” with Volunteering Solutions. It was very well priced and also involved amazing experiences. I would very much recommend the programme for anyone looking to experience a new culture while helping local people, also this is definitely right for you if your unsure of where to start a trip around Thailand as the transport was fully taken care off, as were many of the meals and hostel/hotel stays.

All of the staff we met were very welcoming. Amazing people who I will never forget. They were very informative, fun and mingled with the group a lot which was great to get into the culture and location.

Included in the programme there was airport pick up,
tours and trips of Bangkok, Trip to Khao Yai National Park, Homestay at Mr Lee’s, volunteering with elephants, school children, building work as well as many meals, accommodation and transportation. Your first morning there is a meeting held with one of the representatives so you are fully aware of the upcoming weeks.

My favourite part of the trip would easily be the homestay at Mr Lee’s as it was a fully authentic experience of living with a Thai family. Although the whole trip was very memorable and I would encourage people to do this.

By: Debra
Nationality: United Kingdom
Age: 23

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