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University College Freiburg was founded in 2012 at the University of Freiburg. It serves as a central and interfaculty platform for promoting and administering international, interdisciplinary teaching activities.

UCF complements and supports the faculties' work in this field, is a laboratory for innovative approaches to instructional design and teaching, and houses high profile projects, notably the Bachelor Program in Liberal Arts and Sciences.


What is Liberal Arts and Sciences?

Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) is a specific approach to Bachelor level education and offers an alternative to disciplinary study programs. We understand LAS education as a process of intellectual discovery and personal development in an interdisciplinary and international learning community.

The LAS program at UCF enables students to learn broadly about the human and the non-human world, to systematically develop their capacity for high-level academic work in exchange with others, and to gradually unfold their own interests and abilities in ways suited to their aspirations. We encourage students to critically reflect on science and knowledge and to become skilled communicators and creative shapers of their environment.

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