Working and Living with a Mapuche Family

Company : Turismo Flecha Extrema
Location : Araucania
Duration: 2 weeks to 1 year
Approx Costs: 250 to 1500 $ Dollars (US)

Living and learning with a chilean Mapuche Family. Get to know real indigenous culture and history of the Mapuche.

You travel to Santiago de Chile, where you will spend a couple of days, refreshing your spanish or just getting to know the city. 
Afterwards we will take you down south, where you will live and learn with a Mapuche family.

In return for your work in their daily work and projects, you will receive housing and food. 

You will be able to learn or improve your Spanish and get to know a special part of Chile and Southamerica.

Start Dates

Every month of the year

Costs / Benefits

You will receive housing and food in return for your help!


Interest in culture and Chile in general. Outgoing personality is always helpful!

Booking / Enquiry

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