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Sail in Greece is a business specializing in small ship cruises around the breathtaking Greek  islands. Our 7 night cruises are operated on traditional Greek  motor cruisers, allowing you to receive a truly authentic experience. 

Your clients can enjoy the Cyclades whilst swimming in secluded bays, wandering the historic ports and immersing themselves in a new destination every day as we take them island hopping from Mykonos to Santorini.

Our YOLO Cruises are perfect for clients looking for a party cruise . They can explore the famous Cyclades led by our professional tour managers. Our traditional motor cruiser will offer them the privacy they are looking for and at the same time the fun and  unique experience of exploring the Cyclades in a way that have never done before . For more information please contact us.


Duration / Dates

2 months. July, August

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Sail in Greece Adventures Reviews

Fail in Greece

Problems experienced onboard

- shower flooded bathroom, reported it to Ben and one of the cabin crew "fixed" it when I complained that it still didn't work I got told there was nothing they could do, had to shower on deck for an entire week and had to wash my hair in a basin

- we were not allowed to flush toilet paper and were instructed to put it in the dustbin which was cleaned once over 8 days , this is extremely unhygienic

-bed was used by another couple and upon asking for new sheets I was told there were none and I'd have to sleep in that bed, again unhygienic. I was forced to sleep above deck for the duration of the trip .

- a room that was paid for was unable to be used due to the above mentioned reasons, so what did I pay for ?

-the promised air conditioning never worked, nor did the wifi , I was told we were on a sail boat what do I expect? I expect wifi especially when I am able to get it while flying

- the two "tour guides" Nate and Ben were never anywhere to be found , when they were around they were either sleeping or on drugs

-the trip is called sail in Greece not motor in Greece, as a result of motor in Greece the rooms were filled with carbon monoxide which resulted in a number of individuals with respiratory infections, and again making the rooms uninhabitable

- we were stuck in Ios for 4 days due to being unable to sail because of weather, this is understandable, however what isn't is why we were not put on a ferry to santorini, instead your "tour guides " told us to get our own accommodation and transport there and only when there were minimal people left on the tour and it became financially beneficial to them did they arrange ferry tickets and accommodation for those left.

- false advertising , illegal drugs and unsanitary and living conditions hazardous to our health were just some of the issues on the trip .

By: Bianca
Nationality: South African
Age: 23

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