Proyecto Peru

Proyecto Peru is a Spanish school, specializing in teaching Spanish courses to foreigners and organizing volunteer work, internship and homestay programs.

Whatever your motivation is, professional, educational or just for fun, we have courses and projects according to your needs. Our main objective is to provide you a fulfilling and unforgettable experience in studying Spanish, volunteering, your internship and your cultural immersion in Peru. To make sure that you get the best experience that will suit your needs, you can create your own program from a wide array of opportunities that we offer.

  • We are a gateway for new experience and a trip to the unknown.
  • We provide a new form of travel.
  • We provide a comfortable environment for our students and volunteers.
  • We provide cultural immersion through local host families.
  • We enrich the students’ travel experience through internship and volunteering program.
  • We provide cross-cultural experience with our Peruvian students.
  • We give something back to the community of Cusco.

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Proyecto Peru Reviews


I am very grateful to have been able to attend Proyecto Peru for the whole month of June. When I was looking into a school, I was looking for a place where there are many things to see and do. Moreover, I wanted a school that offers some volunteering opportunities. Proyecto Peru ticked all the boxes. Being in Cusco, it made it easy to do day tours or multiple day tours from Cusco at a very affordable prices. Also, the city itself is very historical with their colonial architecture and history to keep one busy. The school itself is on the second floor of a colonial building.

I completed the 4 week summer program where I was a student of Paula along with 3 other students (Manon, Tessa and Jack). I loved the fact that it was such a small class where our teacher, Paula can help us develop our speaking skills through things such as games that involved the students to student interaction by asking each other questions EN ESPANOL of course. Paula is such a wonderful teacher, she is very patient with her students regardless of the level the student has in Spanish and she will take time to explain things and will even bring her students to mini excursions around the city to learn more about the Cusqueno ways.

I am happy that Proyecto Peru is not one of the large companies that does Spanish lessons. I like that the classes are kept very small. Sometimes, 1 to 1. The volunteer experience I had was also memorable. I volunteered at an after school program that catered to underprivileged kids instead of going to the market to sell to the tourists trinkets. There were kids from age 2 to age 14. They would come to the centre after school to do homework, play, watch tv, surf the internet and last but not least, be a kid that they are. I chose homestay for the duration of the program.

I stayed slightly outside of the city centre at the Barrio of Manuel Prado. It is only about 15-20 minute bus ride from where i stayed to the school. I loved the homestay experience because it enabled me to experience the daily life of a Cusqueno. I would not have the same experience had i stayed at a hostel with fellow travellers. Moreover, this enabled me extra time to practice Spanish with my host family. I stayed with Frank and Violetta and their 4 kids and 1 grandchild. They were great hosts and cooked great meals. Violetta is a true chef in the kitchen. Frank also is very accommodating.
My advice to future students, I would suggest going to Cusco during the month of June as the whole month of June is a festival. Each week there is a major event usually on Thursdays or the weekend. Also there is the most important event in the month of June, INTI RAYMI. Everyday leading to the main event, here are cultural dances from all parts of the Province, from grade school to high school. You will not regret coming during this month.

All in all, Proyecto Peru is a school that I will definitely keep close to my heart. I will never forget the laughs I had with the students, teachers and administrators alike. Everyone in the school are so down to earth that you will feel like you are there with friends the whole time. From the first email correspondence with Linda, the school clerk, I felt very at ease. Moreover, I will never forget my couches where I would lie down in and nap. I definitely made a little dent on that couch I'm sure. It won't be the last seeing the school.

By: Placido
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 35