Pitaya Suwan Foundation (PSF)

Pitaya Suwan Foundation (PSF) is a charity registered Foundation acting in the field of community development and intercultural learning.

Through the development of international voluntary service and educational projects we are present in several rural communities all over Thailand.

Our mission is to support the development of rural communities through the experience of intercultural exchanges.

Our aims are:
➢ To provide and foster education for needy and underprivileged young people living in rural areas; to spread ethical, responsible behaviors and open the youth's mind so that they become active citizens for their society.
➢ To promote and sustain education and research.
➢ To support vocational training for youth, women, and the elderly in the rural areas; to disseminate knowledge and experiences by providing education and training.
➢ To promote and support communities and local people in realizing the importance of the environmental preservation.
➢ To act for pubic benefits and cooperate with other charity organizations for the public interest.

PSF is located in a small village in the Khlong Hoi Khong district, nearby Hat Yai (Songkhla province), in the South of Thailand.

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