Live and work at Buddhist Retreat Center in California

Company : Odiyan Retreat Center, California
Activities: Yoga Instructor Jobs / Building & Construction Projects / Community Volunteer Projects / NGO / Jobs / Religious Work / Conservation Volunteer Projects / Yoga Retreats
Country: United States
Location : California
Duration: 6 months to 1 year
Approx Costs: 0 to 0 $ Dollars (US)

Live and work in one of the oldest Buddhist centers in America, a living mandala modeled after an ancient spiritual center of Tibet.  Located on one thousand acres, 100 miles north of San Francisco.

Odiyan is an all-volunteer Retreat Center dedicated to meaningful work, wholesome living and the inner development of mind and spirit.

Currently seeking men, age 24-40, strong and hardy for work in gardens, on the land, in sacred art and text projects and kitchen.

Prefer experience with tools and machinery but not required. Must have passion for a hard working wholesome lifestyle of service.


  • Housing, Vegetarian meals, Living allowance of $150 per month
  • Skill training in wide range of trades and traditional arts
  • Classes on Inner development of mind and spirit, Tibetan yoga and more!

You contribute: your Time and Energy

The volunteer work-retreat at Odiyan Retreat Center has been going for almost 40 years.  Thousands of volunteers from all over the world have participated contributing their time and energy to Odiyan's mission:   To assist in the Protection, Preservation and Flourishing of all Buddhist cultures in Asia and to model as a living experiment the integration of Buddhist principles and Western thought through in a  lifestyle which is dedicated to the benefit of our planet and all humanity.

Although Odiyan has its foundations in Tibetan Buddhism, no religious affiliation is required to join our team. We are seeking volunteers who are open-minded, self-reflective and ready to engage deeply on both inner and outer levels.

Please be strong, healthy, able to work with tools and engage physical manual labor on a daily basis.

Minimum six month commitment. We cannot accept children or pets.

Costs / Benefits

Housing, vegetarian meals, living allowance, classes in Tibetan yoga, Buddhist studies and more! Training in cooking, landscaping, gardening,construction, living in community.


- Minimum age 23 years old.
- Interest in Buddhism
- Strong, healthy, able to engage manual labor on a daily basis

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