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Knowledge Must is a leading intercultural solutions provider that assists students, professionals and organisations to successfully cross cultural boundaries, mainly between East Asia, South Asia, and the Western world.

Our team of highly qualified experts has the knowledge, experience, diversity and passion to provide you with the best customised solutions to achieve your individual objectives.

We at Knowledge Must are genuine cultural immersion specialists. We aim at full cultural fluency, knowing what to do when, where and why. Unlike other solutions in the market, we offer complete service packages with our five company divisions: Career Must, Language Must, Training Must, Travel Must, and Culture Must. Starting with career consulting, we provide work experience, language immersion, culture-specific and process-oriented training, individualised travel arrangements and cultural events, in order to fully equip our clients to work more effectively across a multitude of cultures. What others consider as cultural gaps we understand as opportunities to learn and grow.

Never before in history have so many different peoples and cultures come into contact with one another. From ambitious students and professionals to globally operating organisations, all face the challenges and opportunities of cultural diversity. Our world is in a process of ever faster transformation. Revolutions in information and communication technologies as well as in transportation make it possible for us to cross many cultural boundaries in any one day. It comes at an increasingly staggering price to ignore the role of culture, whether as an individual moving abroad or an organisation working across cultural boundaries. The success of all our global efforts hinges on our ability to manage intercultural differences. Despite the price we all pay for our neglect of cultural variables, we often act as though it is all business as usual. While cultural differences create possible problems, properly channelled these differences also create unlimited opportunities.

We are a for-profit company with social objectives. At Knowledge Must we know that managing intercultural differences is key to the welfare of all. Based on our research, we address this crucial area head-on. Through the prism of language, religion, ethnic identity, traditions and other principal pillars of culture we apply our effective solutions for fostering intercultural understanding among individuals, organisations, communities and countries. At Knowledge Must we understand that embracing diverse ideas, creating diverse opportunities, and developing diverse partnerships will positively impact the communities that we engage. The synergies generated when people of diverse cultures collaborate are truly borderless. Join hands with us!

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