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INVOLVE: International Volunteer’s Venture Travel emphasizes on engaging local communities in organizing much more meaningful volunteering projects or cultural programs or holiday tours in Asia. 


We have been trusted by thousands of participants and people we work with, and more to come. JOIN us to make a difference and new friendship with participants from around the world. INVOLVE always welcome YOU!!!

The founding principle of INVOLVE is to be aware at all times that we are engaged in an operation where the responsibility of peoples’ safety and livelihood is in our hands. We are committed to the responsibility through the safety and quality of our operations. We operate with the highest level of integrity, striving to exceed the your expectations in a proactive manner while doing so with respect to others and the environment.

EVERYONE can make a difference since the scope of volunteering and holidays is widening. Whether you’re 8 or 80 or have 8 days or 8 months to spare, YOU will make a difference while traveling. 

A big THANKS to the hundreds of beautiful people who have made a difference by joining in the programs we organize including Animal Care & Conservation, Special Need Education, Teaching, Cultural Tours and Weekend Excursions in the past 2 years.



Offering the world’s MOST affordable price with a wide range of meaningful programs and fee as little as EUR8.00 a day. Money back guaranteed if you find the identical program with lower fee than ours.



We aim to work closely with local communities whereby all partners and participants or volunteers are treated as part of a big family so we can extend our help in Social & Community Projects for the PEOPLE and Conservation Projects for the WILDLIFE & ENVIRONMENT.



All programs are selected carefully so your effort will be put to good use in order to achieve the most desirable possible results. We aim to attain the lowest cost so that reduces the burden of volunteers or travelers while benefiting the local.



  1. CUSTOMER Service, promises delivery and living up to your expectations
  2. CULTURE, a unique cultural and traditional customs experience
  3. CARING for local community and focusing on community involvement and their wellbeing improvement
  4. CONSERVATION on environment, wildlife & ecosystem and responsible travel
  5. CONTRIBUTION in improving local tourism and community benefits of the country you travel to or volunteer in.

Duration / Dates

Flexibility of a minimum 1 week to 12 weeks all year round. Generally start date on every Monday, arrival on the Sunday prior to the start date of your choice.

Costs / Pay

As little as EUR 8 per day to join our programs.

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