International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)

IVHQ provides affordable, safe and responsible volunteer abroad programs. Discover why we're the world's most trusted volunteer travel company...

Each year International Volunteer HQ place thousands of people into programs abroad and have a wide range of volunteer travel opportunities in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Argentina, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru - Cusco, Peru - Lima, Mexico, Thailand, Bali, Madagascar, Victoria Falls, Sri Lanka and China.

Whether you are travelling abroad, taking a gap year, wanting to experience a volunteer holiday or simply wishing to provide assistance in a developing country through volunteer travel, International Volunteer HQ has the program for you.

IVHQ assists developing countries by providing volunteers to work in a variety of jobs such as teaching, medical work, HIV/Aids awareness, women empowerment, sports education, construction work, conservation work, wildlife conservation, surf and swim school, agricultural work and orphanage assistance.

Volunteers can choose to work on projects for various periods of time ranging anywhere from one week to six months. Our partner organizations in these countries will place you in institutions which align your interests and strengths with projects where there is a REAL NEED for help and assistance.

With program fees starting from USD$180, you WILL NOT find a more affordable, high quality and trustworthy international volunteer organization.

Duration / Dates

Variety of start dates depending on the country you choose to volunteer in! Volunteer from one week to six months!

Costs / Pay

Program fees start for USD180!

Contact Info

Tel: +6467587949

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International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) Reviews

In Love with IVHQ Travels

I have done multiple trips with IVHQ (India, Sri Lanka, Laos, Morocco, and South Africa) and each of them have been different, crazy, exciting, eye opening, fun and leave me wanting more when it's time to go home.

I absolutely recommend this as a route for those looking for an affordable way to volunteer and see the world, especially if you want to travel solo but also not be alone all the time!

I've made amazing friends through these travels, and I have been able to see the world in a different way by being able to work with locals and learn more about their communities - and hopefully help too!

I have found that most of the time the programs offered are what you make of it, so be sure to come with some ideas and don't be afraid to jump in with the kids and locals.

Enjoy your trip!

By: Caroline
Nationality: USA
Age: 22

Time of my life in South Africa

I had no idea how much my life would change in such a short period of time with IVHQ.
My two week trip to South Africa, in summary, was the most amazing, eye opening, and fulfilling trip of my life.
I had never seen children so happy with so little, and the joy they brought to my life is priceless.
The most beautiful country, the BEST people, and the most amazing experiences were found in Cape Town, South Africa and I highly recommend to anyone looking to do a good deed.
I know I'll be back.

By: Mark
Nationality: Australia
Age: 19

The BEST Volunteer Abroad Organization!

If you are considering volunteering abroad, you simply MUST choose IVHQ. Not only are they the most affordable by a long-shot (trust me, I've done the research and can never find a cheaper program), but they are a high-quality, supportive, and community-focused organization. They are truly invested in the communities where volunteers are placed and want to help better those communities. I've done three programs so far with IVHQ (Guatemala, Bali - Ubud, and Morocco) and each has been different but equally rewarding and beneficial to the community. I highly recommend IVHQ!

By: Allison
Nationality: USA
Age: 25


I recently spent a month in Ghana and loved it. I was apart of the childcare program and to anyone who is on the fence about it! Everyone was so friendly and the food was amazing. We had the opportunity of actually living in the community, which made the experience more authentic. We took bokiti(bucket) showers with water we fetched from the well and carried on our heads, hand washed all our clothes, and had the opportunity to even teach some classes. You also get nights and weekends free so you can travel and meet people. The day after I got back I started fundraising for my next trip! Thank you IVHQ!

By: Ryan
Nationality: American
Age: 21

The best experience of my life

I spent 6 weeks in Ghana this summer and it was by far the most rewarding experience of my life. I was in the childcare programme, which involved loads of activities with the kids, playing, bathing, and teaching them sometimes.
The local stuff it is very loving and caring, and I truly left like was part of a family. The food was delicious and in abundance. There was always way more food than we could eat.
The accommodation was very nice and clean. We had flushing toilets and a shower, which was more than I expected.
I arrived in Ghana knowing no one, and after 6 weeks I can say that I have a family there.
I cannot wait to go back next summer and to see the children again.
I would recommend IVHQ to anyone who is ready to step out of their comfort zone.

By: Andreea
Nationality: Romanian
Age: 21

Peru Adventure of a lifetime

I volunteered in Cusco Peru for 4 weeks doing construction. I wanted to do somthing physically challanging and thats exactly what I got. Volunteering with IVHQ was the best decision I ever made. My host family that I was placed with were amazing. I lived with 6 other volunteers all doing different projects in through IVHQ. Dinner times we great and my Spanish level went from knowing two words to a basic level that could get me by day to day. The people you meet through this program are great. You develope such a strong bond and friendship with them. It's been over a year since my volunteer program and still to this day we all keep in touch. If you are looking for a rewarding volunteer program filled with adventure, laughter and lifelong friendship IVHQ will give you all that and more.

By: Leontin Pawape
Nationality: Australian
Age: 22

12 weeks in Bali

I just graduated from high school and wanted to take a break before going to college. I found out about IVHQ volunteering program and fell in love with the Bali project. I've done 12 weeks already and I couldn't be more in love with Bali, the people here are so kind and happy. One of the most amazing and life changing experiences I've had.

By: Valeria
Nationality: Mexican
Age: 20

If you are thinking about volunteering abroad don't hesitate to apply with IVHQ

I went to volunteer in Tanzania with International Volunteer HQ and would 100% recommend to others to apply. How did I end up going to Tanzania? I have always wanted to climb Kilimanjaro and I wanted to mix the experience with giving back so I started researching volunteer programs there.

IVHQ easily stood out when I was searching for teaching programs as all of their social media accounts have lots of photos, videos and reviews from previous volunteers. They have very reasonable priced program and the team in their office also very patiently answered lots of phone calls and emails where I bombarded them with loads of questions.

The fee I paid included accommodation, food, certain in-country transportation, 24-hour support, amazing local staff that's always happy to help, and an orientation to get to know all the other volunteers and learn more about the project/country. My trip to Tanzania with IVHQ is hands-down one of the most amazing trips I have ever done and the other volunteers are now some of my best friends.

By: Dani
Nationality: United States
Age: 24

Musungu in Zambia

If you are considering going to an IVHQ volunteering I would 100% recommend it. It over past all my expectations, clearly you have to have an open mind and willingness to help but seeing the smiles of the children will make it easy. When I was just about to decide which program to choose, I was very nervous because I really wanted to be a teacher but I had no experience at all so I was wondering how much help I could give the children. Thanks to IVHQ they helped me see the potential that each one has by putting effort. I have been in Zambia for four months now and with the help of donations I not only teach in the morning, but I am also building a school for the children I have been teaching.

By: Mariana Padilla
Nationality: Mexican
Age: 19

Life Changing Experience

I spent a month volunteering in Kenya this summer and I had the best time of my life. IVHQ is a great organization. It was my first time traveling solo and I loved the experience. I did the childcare program and I worked in orphanages. The people in Kenya are amazing and the kids are lovely. Everyone over there is really nice and they always want to help. Going there was definitely the best decision i’ve made in my life so far and I will always be grateful for everyone I met during this trip and every thing that happened. I highly recommend IVHQ as well as the volunteering programs in Kenya if you are looking for a life changing and amazing experience.
Enjoy xx

By: Emie Boudreau
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 18

IVHQ Trip to Guatemala

I was in Guatemala for 2 weeks as part of the animal program and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

I did thorough research and spoke to many previous volunteers before I chose to volunteer with IVHQ and I do not regret it.

Not only are they the most affordable and organized but they have great local connections within the community that you are immediately connected with. This enriches your cultural experience making you feel safe and appreciated.

You will love volunteering with IVHQ!!

By: Laura
Nationality: Canada
Age: 28

Would I recommend IVHQ? Yes!

As it was my first time volunteering abroad I did a lot of research and decided to apply for two IVHQ programs in Nepal. The first was a construction & renovation project and the second a childcare and teaching placement. I spent 2 months in Nepal and IVHQ were fantastic. They are one of the most affordable volunteer organisations I came across especially when you see what you get for your money.

You can choose from so many different destinations IVHQ offer and they make the application process as easy as possible. They answered all my enquiries within 24 hours and helped me to get prepared before departing to Nepal. Included in the program was airport collection, homestay accommodation, an orientation at the start to introduce gently into the culture and lifestyle of Nepal (which included meals, drinks we had to pay for) in addition to a couple of language lessons which were brilliant. Once the orientation is over you will then go and stay with a host-family! I would not have been able to do all this alone so using IVHQ really did help settle my initial nerves.

I was able to meet similar like-minded people so is a great way to meet new friends from all over the world. DON’T FORGET – The first week is the orientation you get so remember that when selecting how many weeks you intend to volunteer, if you select 2 you will only essentially have 1! During my stay I had support and help whenever requested and I was also able to book lots of extra sightseeing activities like a safari in the Chitwan National Park and Paragliding. Not only do they help with this you can go on the on dates that suit you.

IVHQ made it easy for me to focus on volunteering as they arranged all the logistics and provided any additional help if I needed it. You get a quality service without the ridiculous price tag and is ideal for people starting off. You do see some negative reviews about IVHQ programs and having spoken to a few of the intake I was amongst I can see why, it is only down to how the program they were placed on in the country was run. I would ask IVHQ to reach out to these programs and send people there to get it back on track.

Next time I would volunteer by going directly to in-country organisations and organising parts of the trip myself. Though if like me it is your first-time volunteering in a country like Nepal I would recommend going with IVHQ. I felt lucky with both my programs and really did feel like I made a difference. IVHQ have made my first volunteering experience a great one and I would now feel comfortable going to a country and organising all this myself without having a company to do this for me.

Please check out my Instagram for pictures from Nepal: @welchml_ or my blog posts at:

By: Liam Welch
Nationality: British
Age: 23

Four Weeks of Turtle Conservation in Bali

Don't hesitate to pick IVHQ as your organization of choice, I spent five weeks in Bali helping with Turtle Conservation and they treated me like family. Come with an open mind, there's so much to see and do on Nusa Penida, the Island where the centre is, and in Bali that you don't want to miss. The coordinators and staff members are very accomadating and with the beach a minute away it's hard to be unrelaxed. I'd volunteer again with them in the future and I highly recommend this organization to anyone looking into the subject.

By: Kyra
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 20

First time volunteering, awesome experience!

It all started in 2015. I had one semester left before graduating in may 2016. My student life was about to end and I knew I had a great opportunity to travel. I had time, no responsabilities and nothing stopping me from leaving. And that's when I started looking around at different volunteer programs. Found IVHQ, liked all the choices they had and the prices we're better than other organizations. Then I narrowed down my search criterias. Wanted to go to Africa and do construction work. Both Ghana and Madagascar offered the program, and I signed up for both.

Spent 4 weeks in Ghana before flying directly to Madagascar. I won't detail my experience that much, but more than a year later, I still think about my trip. I met incredible people from all around the world, made friends, worked with locals, learned their customs and lived like they did. I wasn't there for the comfort or the good life, I was there to help and be sensitized.

When I came back, I was hoping the experience would've changed me a bit, made me a better person. At first, I couldn't see the change, but now, I do. It did changed me, I grew from my adventure and that alone makes it worth it.

Try it, be open-minded and appreciate every bit of your experience. Not everyone has this opportunity.

By: Jacob C.
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 24

Best experience of my life!

I had the opportunity to be part of the program in Chiang Rai, Thailand and the one in Ubud, Bali they where both unique and very different experiences in which I got the chance to fully immerse in their culture and way of living, meet incredible people and had the best time of my life!

By: Pia Alvarez de la Cadena
Nationality: Mexican
Age: 19

Zambia, my new home

I volunteered as a kindergarten teacher in Zambia for four months in 2017. The best part was how amazing and happy the kids are, they make every single moment amazing, they enjoy learning and they give you so much love. I met some great friends from all over the world, we are still in touch and I'm sure we will meet again sometime. You really make friends for life there.
The county is amazing, is really safe, the activities are fun and if you go there I promess you will never want to go back. It becomes your house.

By: Laura
Nationality: Colombian
Age: 19

Sri Lanka Physiotherapy

Incredible experience, IVHQ looked after everything so little stress organising everything alone, well looked after and fed and tailored my volunteering to what I would like. Would return again in a heartbeat.

By: Darragh Barron
Nationality: Irish
Age: 25

Good for first-time overseas volunteer

Like one of the previous reviews, i recommend ivhq for first-time volunteers.

Spent two weeks in Saigon and ivhq has been so helpful and informative even prior to our trip. The checklist for registrations is clear and reminders were sent to remind us of upcoming items to be prepared prior to our trip. And Sean, the coordinator is always there to answer our never ending problems and always giving useful advices whenever we needed them.

However, if i were to go back to the SAME place for future volunteer trips, i would go directly to in-country organizations as i could then save on expenditure and put the money into better use such as getting necessities for the beneficiaries.

Other than that, i think ivhq is a pretty well-organized and helpful platform to bridge interested volunteers to local NGOs in varies parts of the world. If i were to decide on going to OTHER places for future volunteer trips, ivhq will still be my first choice.

By: Serene
Nationality: Malaysia
Age: 30

Definitely Recommend IVHQ!

My experience with IVHQ was so helpful and informative. This has been my first trip overseas with IVHQ, volunteering in Uganda with a Women's Education and Empowerment program. I had lots of support getting ready and prepared from my assigned support contact, and found them very compliant with my requests. I chose IVHQ because of it's much cheaper rates compared to other abroad programs, and also because of the great reviews. After experiencing this time with them myself I have no hesitation to recommend them, especially for people new to overseas volunteering.

By: Naomi
Nationality: Australian
Age: 20

IVHQ South Africa

Get ready for an amazing adventure that will change who you are. I volunteered with the surf outreach that works with the children from townships in Muizenberg, South Africa. Playing in the water with the kids, pushing them into waves, being able to create that huge smile on their face, gives you the greatest feeling. They come from homes built from what they can find. Gangs, drugs HIV are huge in this area. So being able to show them a new light in their life really is important. I met amazing people along the way that became family, and we had countless adventures that I will talk about forever. Sign up, buy that plane ticket, and go for it. You will make a difference for the community and you will make a difference within yourself.

By: Amy
Nationality: American
Age: 25

Most amazing life experience in Africa

I volunteered with IVHQ in Tanzania for 5 weeks in August of 2016 and had the greatest time of my life! I volunteered under the teaching program at a school in Tanzania. I then decided to return to Africa the following year on July of 2017, and I volunteered at the children's home in Mombasa Kenya for 2 weeks, and I then went back to Tanzania to volunteer at a school for 6 weeks. In Kenya I was fortunate enough to be able to stay at the orphanage with the children, where I got to know each and every one of them very well. I woke up to their singing, learned a few Swahili words, helped fetch water, took them on a day trip to the beach, learned how to make some of the traditional Kenyan meals, played with them and helped them with homework. My Tanzanian experience was a little different since I stayed at the volunteer house with 40 other volunteers. It was also amazing because I had the opportunity to make some great friends from all over the world. I taught Math, Science, and English from Monday-Friday and I then had the weekends off to go on trips with the volunteers. I was able to go on safari, visit Kilimanjaro, and was able to visit Zanzibar and it's amazing beaches. I had the time of my life during my two trips to Africa. IVHQ is extremely organized, and they will take care of everything once you land in the country that you choose. I felt safe the entire time that I was in Africa, the meals were great and I would 100% recommend them!

By: Veronica Isaza
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 24


I loved my experience in Kenya! Its not easy leaving your job for a month to experience life in a different country! It changed my life and my career path. It was scary going into a developing country alone but with the help of the amazing IVHQ team they made my entire experience smooth and made me feel at ease. My placement,roommate from England and my homestay were incredible. The people you meet and the lessons you learn about others and yourself is truly something you can not put a pricetag on. I am still in contact with my teachers, and all my friends at IVHQ that are from around the world! We even meet up when we can! Definitely recommend this program! I will constantly use IVHQ for any and all future volunteer work abroad!

By: Christina
Nationality: American
Age: 25

My time in Uganda - childcare

The experiences and opportunities that I have been blessed with are life changing and I’m so grateful that I got the chance to be here!!!
Good luck to future volunteers.

By: Paige Barlow
Nationality: Australian
Age: 19

Change your life in small corners all over the world

I have done 3 Ivhq volunteer trips. They have all been for a month or longer. This was probably the best decision I have ever made. Each experience changed my life for the good and put me on the path I needed. Go for at least a month. You really get to know the locals and become part of the community, its really a once in a life time opportunity.

By: Aly
Nationality: USA
Age: 20

IVHQ Spain

I volunteered for 2 weeks with IVHQ Spain this past summer and it was a great experience. I worked on the agriculture project because I wanted something outdoors and in nature, and it was a great experience and I met some amazing people. It was very organized from beginning to end, with great communication from the program manager in New Zealand to the local coordinator in Madrid. I am already planning my next IVHQ trip for 2018!

By: Laura Jordana
Nationality: United States
Age: 38

Unforgettable experience at Cusco, Peru with IVHQ

It all started with a spontaneous decision to do volunteering abroad this summer and International Volunteer HQ made it all possible. Their guidance, accessibility, interactive training and full support in my process made me feel prepared enough to take a flight to Cusco.

In an eye blink I was already in Peru. The city of Cusco is completely surprising every moment you spend at it; it’s such a vibrant, beautiful, magical little town from whom you fall in love with. Filled with so many polite and helpful people at every corner, delicious and exquisite cuisine, Incas history is so extraordinary and each day you experience something completely different from the one before.

I was the luckiest to be placed in orphanages with kids that are so sweet, bright, happy and grateful every minute of the day. We spend our time together playing, dancing, singing, laughing and letting me teach them English because they have the will to learn every moment. I gained so much sensitivity and closeness from this kids and they have the biggest affection for life that’s so inspiring.

Also, making new friends from all over the world everyday, spending my nights partying while getting to know the city at night and traveling the weekends to places like Machu Picchu, Sacred-Valley, Moray, Rainbow Mountain and Lake Humanity where pictures and words are not enough to explain what it's like to be there, will be memories that will last in my heart forever.

I can honestly say it was one of the best life changing experiences I have ever had. My time in Peru was full of all kind of emotions, amazing stories, close bonds with friends and unforgettable days and nights. This was my first IVHQ experience but I'm sure that after what I lived, it will not be the last one and I'm so excited to see what future volunteers abroad have for me.

By: Nicole Pochat
Nationality: Mexican
Age: 20

IVHQ South Africa

I had such an amazing experience volunteering in South Africa. This is such a good company to volunteer with giving you safe accommodation, food, travel and above all else the opportunity to work with people where you can really make a difference. I fell in love with the kids I have worked with and can't wait to go back!

By: Natasha
Nationality: British
Age: 20

Loved my experience!!

I volunteered with IVHQ for three weeks in India and couldn’t have had a better experience!! The students I met and worked with really enhanced my time there, and I am going to visit some of the friends I made there this spring! Definitely would recommend.

By: Tess Mueske
Nationality: American
Age: 22

Choose IVHQ and Go

The process of volunteering abroad can be scary. There is so much you don't know and so many apprehensions. Working with IVHQ really calms that fear and makes the whole experience almost stress-free.

I've been on two volunteer trips with IVHQ and I hope to go on a third this summer. They provide 24/7 support and tons and resources and information. You never have to feel alone or confused about anything as they are with you every step of the way. Any questions? Just ask. When you leave you will feel prepared and excited.

I highly recommend IVHQ!

By: Anastasia
Nationality: American
Age: 31

IVHQ Uganda

I chose to go to Uganda with IVHQ in July 2017. I would be lying if I said I at no point was sceptical about if the company was legit. However, they were quick to make me feel at ease during our communications before the trip commenced. I was naturally a little bit worried about my safety, money, living conditions etc. However, the IVHQ team were very reassuring. They were there to pick me up at the airport, they made sure we were all safe and comfortable before heading to the house. All most from the first moment they used some humour to make us feel at ease because all of a sudden we were in a foreign country surrounded by a whole lot of strangers from all over the globe. Little did i know that these strangers would very quickly become a huge part of my life. You will experience moments that will make you smile no matter how much time passes. Those strangers will quickly become your family for the trip, Everyday we would go through the morning struggle of waking up and laughing at each other because you will be tired, you will share the bus together on the way to placements which is always a time to have a laugh and a little sing or dance maybe even both if the song is right. Every day you will finish your placement enter the house and immediately be greeted by the amazing staff and also your new ivhq family where you will probably sit down eat, drink and laugh about your days. You will be able to experience the beauty of Africa via trips to the Safari, Rhino trekking and many other opportunities available. While you are there I would recommend everyone to go and visit the local towns and shops, you will get to meet the locals have a little dance in the street and eat their famous chipatti and rolex. Not everyday will be happy, somedays you may see something upsetting or hear something that saddens you, at these moments you will be very quickly reminded that Africa is unfortunately not at the same stage as some other countries with regards to their accessibility to health care or the very real damage that HIV/ Aids among other diseases are having on the community. I personally worked with the HIV placements, i would be exposed to some truly wonderful souls that had unfortunately experienced incredible tragedy. We would meet children with life-threatening diseases. while we were there we had the opportunity to meet some of the babies at a local orphanage. we were later hit by the tragic new that one of the babies that we had spent time with had passed away. This was tragic for us, we were instantly humbled by the harsh reality that we had entered. However, once we had had a very quiet moment of shock we later reminded ourselves that we were able to show that beautiful child love from all of our countries in her final days. Do not do this if you think you will change the world in one trip, do this if you want to make a difference. These trips offer you invaluable experience, I treasure every moment that I had on that trip. I realised that small differences make a huge difference in the long run. I personally sponsored one of the children, 'Little Isaac', he reminded me of my little cousins and I had to help him to afford his food and school whilst he was fighting HIV. I had the incredible opportunity to work alongside two truly amazing women, one from Canada and the other from the USA, we became friends instantly and were together 24/7 for that whole month we were there. While I was there we tried local foods, visited wild animals, partied with the locals, educated school children, had campfire nights under the stars with s'mores and chocolate, we laughed daily and became a part of each other's lives. It has been nearly five months since we were together at the house and we have already had one reunion including a Uganda night and we all still stay in contact just in case we are in each other's countries. Some of the girls have even been inspired to help with Ugandan charities and aid. Uganda was by far the best decision I ever made, I loved it. The staff are so welcoming and fun, your safety is their number one priority and you will not doubt that I assure you. If you are on the fence about it I hope this will give you the confidence to get involved, to have incredible fun, meet a group of people that inspire you and also to make a difference to someone else's life.

By: Tom
Nationality: England
Age: 25

IVHQ Bali, Indonesia

It was my first time volunteering aboard so I wanted to feel safe and supported while I was there and IVHQ gave me that. The staff was always ready to help. My 5 weeks in Bali were amazing. I stayed in a house with other volunteers and we had our meals in a canteen. The first week was orientation week where I visited beautiful places and learned about the local culture and projects. The project I chose was kindergarten and I loved working with such nice and fun kids. I recommend IVHQ!

By: Francisca
Nationality: Portugal
Age: 23


I had the opportunity to volunteer in Bali this past August with IVHQ. It was the most amazing experience. I have never travelled that far alone before and I am so grateful that I had the chance. I did 3 weeks doing the healthcare education program and then 1 week at the turtle conservation. The volunteer team in Bali was amazing. They were always there if you needed help with anything and they were very accommodating. They were helpful when you wanted to organize visits around Bali while not volunteering. They also have recommendations for things to see and places to eat. The accommodations were much more than I expected while I stayed in Ubud. The healthcare education was difficult, it was hard as the children did not speak a lot of English however it gave me the chance to learn some Bahasa and really experience the culture.
At the turtle conservation the accommodations were not as nice as in Ubud however they were still more than I expected. There isn’t as much to do on Nusa Penida and I would recommend not spending your whole trip at the turtle conservation. The turtles themselves and the work there however was truly rewarding. You really felt that you were helping the turtles.
This was an amazing experience and I met so many new friends from all over the world. It so scary to travel alone but you realize once you are there that you aren’t really alone. I would recommend this organization to anyone looking to volunteer!

By: Aleisha Husolo
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 28

Bali - UBUD (IVHQ)

I absolutely loved my volunteering experience in Ubud-Bali through IVHQ. They were amazing helping me prepare before by placement and Green Lion Bali were excellent managing the entire process (accomodation (set amongst beautiful rice paddies!!), food and materials for teaching for the programme) when I got there.

I really enjoyed my experience teaching healthcare to primary school kids. It was their optional week during their holidays at school and they still attended all our classes. They are so eager and quick to learn, its amazing! I love how they take every little support given with gratitude.

I also met other volunteers and walked away with life-long friends in such a short time.

All I can say is that I wish I could have stayed longer!!

I highly recommend IVHQ/Green Lion - UBUD/Bali prgramme.


By: Mitali
Nationality: New Zealand
Age: 33

Always IVHQ

I’ve booked and been on quite a few volunteer trips to several countries. And only once did I not go with IVHQ and regret that decision from day one. I will never go through a company other than IVHQ. Best prices, locations, programs. Very easy to contact with problems. Helpful online process from the day you apply to the day you start your program. Sure every country is different but that’s because IVHQ has seperate incountry organisations and so every country is different. Even while i’m still away volunteering i’m already looking up my next country to volunteeer with, checking out the prices and the new locations that IVHQ are constantly adding. IVHQ will always be my go to and I’d recommend to anyone who is after a reliable volunteer company to book through!!

By: Grace
Nationality: Australian
Age: 21

IVHQ Morocco

Exciting, nerve-wracking, eye opening and inspiring all at once! The volunteer programme in Morocco with IVHQ was absolutely brilliant!

My host family was welcoming and inclusive, the overall cultural experience was phenomenal and the work we did has left me with friendships I have never experienced before!

The people make the place and I would recommend this programme over and over - next on the list?!

By: Bernadette Jury
Nationality: Australia
Age: 23

Unforgettable experience

My first volunteering experience couldn’t be better. In Laos I found a great organization (Green Lion) who provided us all the necessary and was supportive in all the possible way. Meeting the locals and the kids at the childcare and school was always a touching moment. This population has such a kind and warm heart that you feel it everywhere. Sharing this experience with other like minded volunteers from all over the worl just adds magic to this overall life time experience. Thank you to IVHQ and Green Lion for this opportunity.

By: Marilena
Nationality: Italian
Age: 40

Laos teacher

When I decided on having a gap-year after I graduated I knew I wanted to travel, see Asia. So I started researching on different things you could do while traveling and soon came to the conclusion of volunteering. I went to Laos for 6 weeks, doing childcare and teaching and had the best time! It was so much fun and I learnt a lot. I decided to go with IVHQ beacuse 1) they had a lot of interesting countries to choose from, 2) they had good reviews and seemed to be trustable and 3) they were cheap. If you are even playing with the thought of going volunteering - GO! You will not regret it 😊

By: Rebecka
Nationality: Finnish
Age: 20

1st Volunteer experience and certainly not my last❤️

I’ve just completed 3weeks turtle conservation program in Bali (Nusa Penida) and I cannot put into words how much of an experience this was. To encounter and work with people, especially the locals, who have such vast love and compassion about these animals and the ocean!
I would definitely come back in a heart beat and encourage others to do one of these programs at least once in their life to make a little difference. IVHQ is an awesome organization and doing such great things world wide, keep it up guys!

By: Tanni Williams
Nationality: South African
Age: 25

Trip of a lifetime (with a few blips)

I applied to volunteer in Peru with IVHQ but was placed with their local partner organization Maximo Nivel on arrival which was a bit confusing. I was also initially placed on a community based program instead of an animal related one but this was sorted out quickly. The project was incredible and I tried my best to help the animals but the shelter was in a pretty poor state which made me question where the money from program fees go. Overall I really enjoyed it but there are some improvements that can be made e.g. more support, improved communication and a bit more transparency.

By: Anonymous
Nationality: USA
Age: 22

The time of my life

No words enough to explain my awesome volunteer experience in south africa with dreams to happy to have taken one of the best decisions of my life..people are so nice here and the kids just want to give and get love!!!

By: Jay avila
Nationality: Venezuelan
Age: 21

An unforgettable trip- Bali, Ubud

I loved every minute of my 3-week volunteering trip to Bali, Ubud, through IVHQ, last summer - from the crazy, kind-hearted kids I got to teach English to, the local food I got to try out everyday, the dorm-like accommodation I got to stay in, the wonderful weekend adventures I got to experience, to the friends-for-life that I got to experience all this with. I’ll always have a piece of Bali in my heart - IVHQ and Green Lion, I cannot thank you enough.

By: Lucy Crayton
Nationality: British
Age: 19

This experience is life changing!

If you are someone who has contemplated volunteering abroad or is nervous about traveling solo, this program is right for you! I volunteered with IVHQ in the Philippines and from the moment I got there I felt at home. The local team was very welcoming and accommodating and no matter where you choose to go, you will never feel alone. There will always be other likeminded volunteers who you will quickly develop strong friendships with. Weekend travel is easy with help from local staff and volunteering during the week is both rewarding and exciting. There is never a shortage of things to do from adventuring with other volunteers to hanging out with locals in the community. If you are thinking of traveling with IVHQ I highly recommend it! And I may be biased, but I really recommend the Philippines program!

You can check out my Instagram (@lexiecundiff) for pictures from my experience and if you have any questions feel free to DM me!

I also have a blog about my experience at:

By: Lexie
Nationality: American
Age: 22

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