Inspire Volunteering

Inspire Volunteering

Inspire Volunteering - Small hand picked projects only in Kenya, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Nepal, India and Vietnam. Grass roots - non corporate real deal volunteer projects

Inspire Volunteering are a small company based in the UK where our main office is located. Before setting the company up in 2006, founder Mathew Muckle had spent many months volunteering in Kenya at several locations thus has a great knowledge of the day to day life of being a volunteer.

He has organised and funded several private projects in deepest Kenya as well as India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Having also travelled the world extensively he believes many people want to put something back after becoming sick of treading the tourism road so many times. This company therefore goes some way to give people that opportunity.

Every month Inspire sends many quality volunteers to local communities to benefit real places that really do need them. We don't consider what we do volun-tourism orientated as we are small and in constant touch with our projects. Each one is handpicked and not normally supported by anyone else, hence is in genuine need. Inspire believe in informal, personal experiences, so that people can interact with locals and live with them to gain a greater understanding of foreign life and the issues affecting the location.

Inspire also support many projects, and organise donations and assistance, as many projects are truly struggling. Volunteering should be rewarding, fun and educational for all involved. Don't expect to be wrapped in cotton wool, our placements are the real deal.

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