Intensive German Courses in Berlin

Company : Humboldt-Institut
Location : Germany
Duration: < 1 week to 1 Year+
Approx Costs: 50 to 2000 € Euro

The Humboldt-Institut offers intensive German courses for adults in Berlin. We welcome students who only wish to spend some time during summer learning the language, as well as long-term students that prepare for university at any tiem of the year.

Our course center in Berlin offers a multitude of cultural experiences and encounters in the most international and history-laden city in Germany. Berlin is Germany's cultural, political and economical hub. In addition to our courses with accommodation, we offer part-time German courses in the evening* as well as on Saturdays* for commuters.

Berlin is such an exciting city with such an amazing range of options on how to spend the free afternoons and evenings, that it is practically impossible to feel bored there.


More Information

  • Minimum age: 18
  • Start date(s): Year round


  • Boarding school with single and twin rooms: Students are accommodated on campus in single and twin rooms, all with shower and WC. 3 main meals are provided and a fruit basket is available during the day.
  • Host families: In their host families, students will stay in a single room. Students have breakfast with their families and lunch at the school. All of our host families have been carefully selected and are in close contact with us. The commute time to the family is up to 1 hour.


Courses & Prices

  • Intensive German (30 lessons per week)
  • Intensive German for beginners
  • Part-time German course in the evening (6 lessons per week)
  • Part-time German course on Saturdays (5 lessons per week)
  • Combination course Berlin-Constance
  • One-to-one course (40 lessons per week)
  • One-to-one course (30 lessons per week)
  • One-to-one course (25 lessons per week)
  • German preparatory course for university

Please see our website for the currents dates and fees.

Booking / Enquiry

Humboldt-Institut Intensive German Courses in Berlin Reviews


The best place on earth! I had such a great time learning German. The teachers are very good and prepared teach to foreign students. Miss it!

By: Sarah Carvalho
Nationality: Brasilian
Age: 20

My experience

I went to study German with the Humboldt-Institut and I had an amazing time. I met incredible people from all over the world and despite the fact that sometimes I only spent a few weeks or even days with some people, the experience really helped to form long term friendships. Humboldt is just amazing place!

By: Sandra
Nationality: Poland
Age: 20


I have been to study at the Humboldt-Institute three times and I really enjoyed the classes. The teachers and staff were great too, all really care about our comfort ❤️ Amazing experience !

By: Magdalena
Nationality: Polish
Age: 18

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