Malayan Rainforest Station, Merapoh, Malaysia

Company : Fuze Ecoteer
Location : Merapoh, Malaysia
Duration: 2 weeks to 3 months
Approx Costs: 500 to 1500 £ Pound (UK)

Based in the Sungai Yu Tiger Corridor, linking Taman Negara and the main Tittiwangsa Range of rainforest, we patrol a large area of rainforest.

You can help our team track human presence in the forest in order to reduce poaching activity and save the Malay wildlife.

This work deters poachers, deters or remove of illegal traps and snares, and document poachers camps and activities and helps elephants, tapir, sun bears, gibbons and tigers

Merapoh is a small village at the western gate of Malaysia’s premier national park –Taman Negara. The western gate to Taman Negara is great for the adventure seekers and independent travelers looking for a true rainforest adventure. The village is surrounded by numerous limestone outcrops which provide a dramatic backdrop to the area. 

The rainforest here has been protected by the government and is the last connection of unbroken rainforest between Taman Negara and the main spinal forest of Malaysia. The forest is also home to local tribe, the Batek, who still practice hunting and gathering lifestyle. 

Conservation Activities

  • Track wild animals like tapirs, leopard cats, tigers, elephants.
  • Reduce the poaching activity by deactivating illegal snares
  • Reporting above data to the government, including locations of poacher encampments
  • Conservation trekking in areas off traditional routes to cover as much area as possible.
  • Caving Experience - explore the incredible limestone caves in Merapoh area 

Community Activities

  • Go foraging with local Batek women
  • Teaching English in their school, to help Batek become guides
  • Learn jungle skills from Batek people like bamboo cooking or blow dart
  • We pay for local Batek guides

Start Dates

From 20th of January to 8th of December, every 2 weeks. Arrival are on Sundays, departure on Sundays.

Costs / Benefits

Food & Cooking Facilities
All project volunteer activities
Travel when undertaking voluntary activities
Travel from bus stop (R&R) to our accommodation

Flight fares
Travel insurance
Visa costs
Food/activities not included in the project
Travel to and from Merapoh

Booking / Enquiry

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