Florence Classical Arts Academy

The Florence Classical Arts Academy is a private Institution which offers highly customized and personalised training in small groups of students.

The standard group size never exceeds 15 people.  The students receive a large number of training hours in the "one-on-one format" with the tutor. The teaching approach is very individual and always corresponds to the personal growth of the student and the dynamic of their skill development. 

FCAA is a welcoming place, where students find a friendly environment and have the opportunity to take part in the various type of courses, whether for a short period or for years. Regardless of age and level, each student will be met by professors ready to asses level and needs. The class activity provides a general program with attention to the student's unique needs.

You will not simply learn how to reproduce what you see, be that an object or a model or a landscape. But you will learn how to understand what you see and reinvent it by applying your own feelings and sensibility. At our academy students become artists who know how to draw and paint with a clear vision.  

In Florence you find yourself in direct contact with some of the greatest world famous examples of Art History. This city is a truly inspiring place for anyone who aims to make art their career.  

You will be entering a dynamic student environment, which will allow you to reveal your unique characteristics and to discover your  individual artistic style. 



  • Diploma in Visual Arts
  • Master in Visual Arts
  • One-Year Visual Arts
  • Corso in disegno e pittura professionale
  • Summer Intake Intensive
  • One Year - Fashion Design
  • One Year - Restoration
  • One Year - Graphic Design
  • Semester Abroad

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