European Work Experience Programme Ltd

London-based company offering students / new graduates job opportunities in the UK catering sector.

The European Work Experience Program (EWEP) has been working for almost 20 years and has already hosted thousands of students. We offer accommodation in London, as well as jobs in the field of hotels or restaurants with a guarantee of CDI within 2 weeks.


Duration / Dates

The minimum period is 2 months and the employment contract is for an unlimited period of time.

Costs / Pay

European Work Experience Programme Ltd will find you a suitable job and accommodation. A representative of E.W.E.P. will be available during your stay to help you with administrative matters such as a National Insurance application, opening of a bank account, refund of taxes, and you will benefit from a 24 hour help line service during your stay. The total administrative and accommodation fee for our services is £272.00 (£30.00 membership fee plus £242.00 agency fee, free employment service).

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