American Collegiate Adventures (ACA Summer)

Choose a truly sensational summer! Picture weekdays of learning and recreation, weekends of action and adventure – all spent with a great group of new friends. That’s what ACA is all about!

The most personalized program you’ll find, ACA features one of the lowest student-to-staff ratios of any pre-college program, so we can work with each student to create unique summer experiences. Enjoy great courses, internships and activities, pursue a new passion, and perfect your sports skills. Do it all!

All the comforts you’d expect – really! ACA is one of the only pre-college programs that provide deluxe accommodations complete with air-conditioning, private bathrooms and laundry service. You’ll enjoy summer in style when you go with ACA!

As always – ACA’s weekend adventures are always included! Whether you’re getting a good look at your first-choice school or just enjoying the arts, shopping and style of towns from Madison to Nice, Florence to Seville, Washington, D.C. to Barcelona, London to Los Angeles, ACA makes sure everyone gets to go along – at no extra charge! That’s the ACA way.

This summer, choose the best of both worlds. Build knowledge and confidence for college during the week, and get weekends full of once in a lifetime adventures! Make this summer unforgettable, leading you toward a college career that helps you get the most out of learning, and of life.

Make this summer an ACA summer!


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We offer anywhere from 2-5 week programs over the summer.

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American Collegiate Adventures (ACA Summer) Reviews


This camp is not worth the money. I sent my child to the 2022 UCLA program. During her stay at the program. I learned that none of the camp counselors were CPR certified, the counselor that was in charge of medication had NO PIOR medical training. The owner of the camp only cares about his image and making money. Most of the weekend lunches and dinner the kids had to pay for it themselves. This camp is unorganized and unsafe. I strongly suggest that you do not send you kids here. On the San Francisco extension (a 9 hour drive from LA) only one counselor drove the entire way. If that doesn’t scream unsafe then I don’t know what does. It’s extremely concerning that this camp has been able to run this long without any type of serious injuries to staff or child.

By: Anonymous
Nationality: White
Age: 0

ACA Madison

American Collegiate Adventures Madison, Wisconsin was the best summer ever! Spending the summer in Madison gave me a taste of what college will be like and overall it was truly an amazing experience. The ACA Madison program is great because it allows students to live the life of a college student, meeting new people, taking classes that they are interested in and living in Statesider, which is a really great dorm located right on State Street. Madison is not only a beautiful city and campus but it is filled with fun activities and opportunities that the ACA staff take advantage of. Not to mention, the food makes you never want to leave! In addition, on the weekends, students go on trips to see other colleges like Indiana University, Ohio State University, Northwestern University and more. I would definitely recommend students to sign up for this program because it was a lot of fun but it also prepared me for college!

By: Allison Hamburger
Nationality: American
Age: 17

ACA Madison

American Collegiate Adventures Madison Wisconsin was a life-changing experience. First off, Madison is an amazing city. Fantastic eats all around the city and campus along with an inviting, fun vibe. Madison has tons of activities and places to spend quality time such as State Street or anywhere around campus. The Statesider is a great dormitory, situated right on State Street. There is a state of the arc gym along with comfortable, clean rooms and common areas. I spent my summer in Madison on this program and I couldn't have been more fond of it. The staff were beyond friendly and fun and orchestrated each and every students experience beautifully. I cherish the relationships I made in Madison, making friends for a lifetime. While I was there, I took an incredible marketing and advertisement course, teaching me the ins and outs of business advertisement. Between spending time making friends and going on trips to Chicago, Milwaukee, and many other places, ACA Madison was an experience I could not have loved more and hope everyone can experience what I did.

By: Benjamin
Nationality: United States of America
Age: 16

ACA Wisconsin

ACA Wisconsin is one of the best summer experiences for a High School student to go on. This program shows the ins and outs of how a college student lives and there everyday activities. You get to experience what its like to live in a dorm, have a roommate, go to classes, ways to eat healthy in college and you make friendships that will last forever. Without going on ACA Wisco my freshman year of college would have been much harder for me. Thanks to ACAs classes and weekend field trips to different universities I knew what college was going to be like and I had one of the best summers of my life!!

By: Brett McCord
Nationality: Caucasian
Age: 19

ACA Florence

I had the best summer ever! Florence was so much fun and I made so many friends! My classes were interesting and I received college credits from them. We went on awesome weekend trips to Venice, Rome and the Amalfi Coast. Every day was filled with classes, field trips, activities and good restaurants. We got to pick from different options of activities and restaurants everyday. The hotel is right in the center of Florence which made it easy to get around. The counselors were very organized and helpful. I wish I could go back again this summer!

By: Alex Cohen
Nationality: American
Age: 16

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