Amani Hostel

Amani Hostel is a leading volunteer placement organizer & Internship coordinator in Tanzania.

Founded in 2010 and lead by a local Tanzanian family.

Offering volunteer placements in Teaching, Childcare, Medicine, Dentistry, Sports, Language & culture.

Programs are for solo travelers, groups, families or retired people. We take pride in showing the country's natural beauty. We assist volunteers to participate in various adventures & expeditions which include wildlife safaris and hiking Kilimanjaro.

Amani Hostel is staffed with full-time safari experts who are local Tanzanians. We specialize in creating tailor-made tours for our customers, whether you are traveling on your own or with your friends.

Planning a safari trip to Tanzania can be challenging, but we are here to support you every step of the way. The ideal time to go on a safari is anywhere between June and October (during the dry season).

Most of our visitors love to see the great Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater because you will see tons of animals year-round. If you’re interested in viewing the wildebeest migration, book your trip sometime between June and July for the best opportunity. We can also organize trips specifically for bird watching or environmental studies.

With over 10 years of experience in tour operations, Amani Hostelis a leading safari and trekking company in Tanzania. We design tailor-made adventures at affordable prices, including full packages for climbing Kilimanjaro. We offer a large variety of safaris, treks, volunteer programs, internships, and cultural excursions.

We take pride in making a difference in Tanzania.


Adventures, Accomodation And Volunteer With Us In Arusha

Amani Hostel is proud to offer all of the services that our competitors offer at a very special economical price (nearly 40-180%less).

Amani hostel is Offering the best affordable hostel accommodation in Arusha and Amani Hostel is situated in Arusha, 1km from Shoppers supermarket, Guests can enjoy having a bed and 3-meals in a day with only $10usd per person per night including bottled water in each room.

Amani hostel in Arusha provides accommodation for tourists, adventurers, trekkers, hitchers and volunteers looking for an affordable place to relax and stay in Arusha.

Amani Hostel in Arusha features free WiFi throughout the property and there is a 24-hour front desk at the property.

Arusha Central Market is 0.8 km, from Arusha Hostel, The nearest airport is Arusha Airport, and 2km from Amani Hostel but keep in mind that Amani hostel is close to Shoppers supermarket within the centre of the Arusha city.

Staying and getting accommodated at Amani hostel is lovely and comfortable because of nice and beautiful beds, big rooms with hot shower in it.

The lounge is comfortable with Flat TV, Stereo system, 4G internet, and Dinning place. Outside we have barbecue grill, garden, fire place for the night and bar inside the house.

Amani Hostel offers projects placement as well as internships in Tanzania, based in and around the town of Arusha in the north of Tanzania. Also Amani Hostel offer in Arusha, Arusha is a popular place for tourists to arrange their arrange their Safari trips as tourism plays a large role in town’s economy.

All Amani Hostel volunteers in Tanzania will live local host families. This allows you to experience Tanzania from a local’s perspective, a very different world from the often luxurious hotels of the safari industry.

The lounge is comfortable with Flat TV, Stereo system, 4G internet, and Dinning place. Outside we have barbecue grill, garden, fire place for the night and bar inside the house.

Amani hostel provides free volunteering in Tanzania and free Internship program placements in Arusha, Tanzania is free with no charges as long as you’re staying at our Amani hostel.

Amani Hostel includes breakfast/lunch or dinner, free wifi, 3-meals in a day, free laundry, 24*7 water facility, hot water, daily room cleaning and more

Living in energetic, colorful Tanzania will certainly proved you with plenty of interests and entertainment when you’re not working. The vibrant markets are worth exploring and are great place to buy traditional batiks, wood carvings and maasai jewelry.


Tours & Safaris

AMANI HOSTEL and its partner company offer different private custom safaris Wildlife Photographic safaris, Beach Holidays and Cultural tour, mountain climbing. We are well experienced and cooperate to our guests to arrange their holiday. We are patient and attentive to all your requests. We concentrate on every individual request and work closer with you to finalize your program. Our range of services is wide, from standard to luxury. We offer adventures camping safari, standard lodge Safari, luxury tented camps safaris and Luxury lodge Safaris.

We here Amani Hostel do not make 6-figure salaries; and we work very hard and smart to keep costs down especially for you the volunteer where it counts the most. We remain devoted to maintaining both the quality of the program and the safety of all volunteers involved. These are the programs destination where Amani Hostel operates;

The right people with the right skills who are committed to ensuring lasting, sustainable improvements where they are most needed AMANI HOSTEL volunteers are recruited from around the world, and all are dedicated to sharing skills and building the capabilities of those with whom they work. Maasai international Challenge Africa works in education, health, natural resources, business, social work, librarianship, media, law the technical trades and engineering.


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AMANI HOSTEL for personalize holiday in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda Safaris. Step by step we will work with you. We provide good service and memorable safaris and volunteer programs around East Africa, including the spice Island of Zanzibar along the East Coast of Tanzania. Our wealth of experience and obsession for quality as well as customer service ensures that our clients enjoy their African experience.

Duration / Dates

All months of the year

Costs / Pay

Program fees are in $US Dollars
Weeks Fee
• 2 200
• 3 250
• 4 300
• 5 350
• 6 400
• 7 450
• 8 500
• 9 550
• 10 600
• 11 650
• 12 700

Included in the fee
• Airport pick-up (not for boarding school).
• Room and board during entire stay.
• Manual.
• Assistance from a local coordinator.
• Introduction days (Except at the boarding school)
Not included in the fee
• Any personal expenses, soft drinks, bottled water.
• Any entrance fee during sightseeing and traveling.
• Airfare.
• Visa and registration fee.
• Insurance.
• Tourist visa fee and C-Permit fee, 120 USD. (Except at the boarding school).
• Telephone.
• Immunization.

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