Best Unusual Museums to Visit in London

Best Unusual Museums to Visit in London

London is a capital city that has the most museums in the world and this is one reasons that makes it a special place for travellers. Those who are interested in the arts, science and history will be richly rewarded if they visit. There are also a number of unique, lesser known destinations that are definitely worth seeking out. 

Of course tourists should firstly start off with the most famous and well know places such as the British Museum, Science Museum and Natural History Museum. But you should also venture to some of the other lesser known museums which are very special and unique, here are our top recommendations...


1. The Cinema Museum

The Cinema Museum, in south London, is a wonderful destination for film fans that offers a detailed account of the silver screen. There are many photographs, movie posters as well as antique cinema fixtures and even uniforms. The museum has guided tours that are helpful in telling the story of the progression of film, and how it was projected onto the big screen.


2. Sherlock Holmes Museum

The Sherlock Holmes Museum, in Baker Street, is an amazing place to visit even if tourists are not huge fans of the films or shows. This interesting museum is found in a terraced house that’s written about in the books created by the wonderful author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 


Victoria and Albert Museum, London

3. Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum found in South Kensington is another example of a truly fascinating place to visit, and it offers a superb things to see and do. This is probably one of the most well known museums on our list but it is somestimes overlooked in favor of other museums in the area like the Natural History Museum. 


4. Museum of Childhood

The Museum of Childhood located in Bethnal Green that offers a range of toys and other childhood-related paraphernalia. There are also many activities and daily events that are designed to engage the minds of young ones. 


5. Garden Museum

A very unique destination is the brilliant Garden Museum, which is found in a church in Lambeth offering a beautiful green space. This venue also contains permanent displays about gardening including information about tools as well as art work.  


6. Magic Circle Museum

One of the most captivating places to visit has to be the Magic Circle Museum, in Euston, which is actually a private club where magicians meet. Tourists can head there on a guided tour of the museum where they will see props that belonged to some of the world’s best illusionists such as Harry Houdini.


7. Cartoon Museum

The Cartoon Museum, in Holborn, is a wonderful place to visit that has preserved great British cartoon and comic art. This dates back to the 18th century and includes pieces right up until the present day. There are classic comic strips featured there including Dennis the Menace, Billy the Whizz and The Bash Street Kids.


Other Recommendations

  1. Hunterian Museum, Holborn
  2. Old Operating Theatre, London Bridge
  3. Geffrye Museum, Hackney
  4. Fan Museum, Greenwich
  5. Freud Museum, Hampstead
  6. Museum of Brands, Packaging, and Advertising, Notting Hill
  7. The Magic Circle Museum, Euston
  8. Whitechapel Bell Foundry, Whitechapel
  9. Ragged School Museum, Mile End
  10. Museum of Freemasonry, Covent Garden
  11. Fashion and Textile Museum, Bermondsey
  12. Churchill War Rooms, Westminster
  13. Silver Vaults, Holborn
  14. Grant Museum of Zoology, Bloomsbury



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