8 Awesome Things to Do in Tahiti

8 Awesome Things to Do in Tahiti

Europe, South East Asia and South America may be more popular travel destinations but Tahiti is not very far behind when it comes to what there is on offer. In fact, visiting Tahiti may be more enjoyable as the crowds are thinner. So, book your tickets, get your bags packed, get moving and look forward to this amazing Tahiti vacation.

Here is a list of best activities and things you can do if you decide to travel to Tahiti.


1. Cycling

Cycling in Tahiti is a very popular activity, and many hotels offer bicycles on rent for very economic rates. You get to explore the island and get a great view of the palm trees and beaches as well as a taste of the local culture. Could it get any better than this?


2. Sampling The Local Cuisine

Some locations offer a food and beverage program through which you can sample the local seafood at no cost. Some programs even cover cocktails made with indigenous fruits and flowers that you will not be able to find anywhere else in the world. What better way to enjoy your vacation without paying a single penny?


3. Visiting A Vanilla Plantation

Do not forget to visit the vanilla plantations at Tahaa where you can observe the process of pollination and drying of vanilla all the way from start to finish. There are also vanilla boutiques where you can buy a variety of vanilla-based products including rum, soap, coffee and body oils. Many plantations will also offer you free fruit tasting along with their tours.


4. Trek To The Top Of Mount Temehani

This is the home to a lot of flowers and plants that you will simply not find anywhere else in the world. Take a knowledgeable local along with you and take a hike right up to the top of the mountain. Take beautiful pictures at this point, and save this memorable place in your mind forever.


5. Visit A Pearl Farm

Tahitian pearls are famous around the world for their unique color. Take a trip to one of the island's many pearl farms and find out the process of making the pearls from start to finish, right from catching an oyster to manipulating its pearl pocket in order to get the most beautiful pearl. Keep in mind though that there are very few pearl farms that offer tours, so you need to check in advance before you make the trip.


6. Explore Local History

The island of Raiatea is considered the cradle of ancient Polynesian civilization and has several temples dedicated to the ancient gods. Apart from the history associated with these temples, their coral and stone construction are something to marvel at.


7. Take A Mountain Safari

Many people imagine Tahiti to be nothing more than beach and sand but nothing could be further from the truth. There are abundant mountains, waterfalls and rich valleys that will take your breath away and leave an image in your mind that is hard to forget. It is also a fun place to visit with your family and friends.


8. Go Surfing

The abundant beaches make Tahiti ideal for surfing. You would also be surprised to know that the best time to go surfing is in the winter as the seas are calmer. So, get those bathing suits ready and hit the beach!

The list of things for backpackers to do in Tahiti is very long and seemingly never-ending. The options are only limited by your imagination and your energy levels, so go ahead and enjoy yourself.