5 Unusual Holiday Ideas with Children in Europe

5 Unusual Holiday Ideas with Children in Europe

Are you bored of dragging your kids to that next best amusement park or sunbathing your day away at the beach? How about indulging you and your family in a new experience? Have you ever milked a cow in Belgium? Or experienced an exciting night in a treehouse? We have put together 5 unique unforgetable and not-so-ordinary holiday ideas your children will never forget!


1. Go on an Adventure

From rock climbing to white-water rafting, there is a world of adventure out there for you to discover. An activity holiday not only gives your whole family the chance to spend some quality time together, but they also quench your kids’ insatiable thirst for the sort of non-stop fun that can leave parents trailing in their wake. Especially in the beautiful setting of the French Alps, activity holidays will take on a whole new dimension! When the winter snow melts, the charming landscape in the green meadows is filled with warm sunshine, with the fresh mountain air being transformed into the ultimate summer playground. With up to 80 different activities to choose from, there are plenty of options for every generation.


2. Hang out at the Farm 

Are you looking to escape the bustle of the city? Pack your welly boots for an exhausting and absolutely muddy holiday on a real working farm! Farm-stays are not only a fantastic option for low-key and often low-cost green family holidays, but for your little ones this will be a unique experience.

The countryside has plenty to offer: appealing accommodation, tasty farm-fresh products and the chance to get your hands dirty. Help with plenty of farming chores, from berry picking, lama feeding, milking the goats, collecting eggs to grooming the pigs and tearing around the farm on the back of a tractor trailer. We recommend ‘Clermontshof’ in Remersdael, where you can enjoy the peaceful Belgian countryside and help feed and milk the cows. If you can steal yourself away from the breath-taking surroundings, then not too far away is also the bustling city of Maastricht in The Netherlands or Aachen in Germany.


3. Treetop Escapes

Fancy something magically different? Then look no further. Cast your mind back to the carefree days of your childhood and stay in an idyllic and charming tree house! But these arboreal abodes are not just child's play; there is no reason why parents can’t enjoy their stay with the same childlike spirit. Fortunately, tree houses have come a long way from the ramshackle platforms wedged into the crook of a tree. The latest constructions are remarkably comfortable and can house entire families. Head for example to one of our favourite tree houses in Eurocamp in Northern France, where you can sleep in the treetops like a real Robinson family!


4. Home Swapping 

Want to save some money and are reluctant to leave your home empty for three whole weeks? You will be amazed how cheap a holiday can be. As the number of good-quality available homes rise, house swapping has become a popular way to enjoy a holiday with added peace-of-mind. The benefits of a home-exchange are multiple. No impersonal hotels in the touristy-quarter with limited room for the kids to play, but living the life of a local in a home with space and character. Meanwhile, somebody is taking care of the wellbeing of your property. There are properties available from flats to country-houses, to four-bedroom villas in and around the UK. Swaps don’t even have to be simultaneous or a "like for like" property; check House Exchange for available properties.


5. Overnight in a Castle

We know travelling with kids can be challenging at times, especially to culturally rich places. Not so with this one. Pack your plastic swords and crowns and take your family on an unforgettable castle stay. You don’t even have to leave the homeland, as the British Isles plenty of beautiful and legendary castles. Take advantage of the setting by bringing some culture and history to your children, whilst exploring the green countryside. Examples where Merlin would feel at ease are found at The Landmark Trust, which offers multiple family-friendly castle-stays.



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