Erick Memorial Foundation for Education And Rehabilitation for Disabled (EMFERD)

Erick Memorial Foundation for Education and Rehabilitation for Disabled (EMFERD) is a non-profit making organisation established in May 2011 by Ms. Josephine Bakhita and her fellow stakeholders. The foundation has a registration certificate number NGO 4606.

Being a Social Worker, Josephine manage to mobilize her fellow stakeholders in struggle towards the basic rights and needs of disabled children and thereby established EMFERD.

The vision of the organization is to assure the people with disabilities are equiped with quality education, care and rehabilitated according to their respective disabilities.

The mission of the organization shall be to offer and support in terms of education, rehabilitation and general welfare of persons with disabilities, and that their rights are respected in and outside Tanzania.

Emferd area of operation according to registration certificate covers the entire Districts of Tanzania main land, but to start -with, we are concentrating in the districts of Gairo, Kilosa,Morogoro (town) and Mvomero within Morogoro region focusing rural remote villages where there is high demand of social services due to inconveniences of infrastructure to reach targeted population.

The broad objective of the organization is to lay down and strengthen services to most vulnerable groups in rural remote areas through a Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation Program (C..B.R)

The programs and activities of Emferd are,

Communty Based Rehabilitation (C.B.R) , The care of homeless orphan disabled, Public awarenes Raising, Girls Education and Income Generating Activities.

Duration / Dates

From one week to one year, any time during the whole year.

Costs / Pay

Because our organization is starting we are not We are not good financially, therefore we are getting help from friends in and outside the country who feel they deserve to help us, volunteer should contribute some amount of US $5 per day to cover food cost during his stay in our organization.

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