Ban Roean Ram

Ban Roean Ram is a non-profit organisation for long lasting social developement. We want to be a center of learning, of exchange and of international friendship.

We invite you to come and be part of this place. By your help, you can make Ban Roean Ram stronger so that the project can help many people in the future.

Together, we can make this world a better place to live in.

The rural population in Thailand is poor and has only little access to education. Volunteers who share their lifes and support them can make a big change.

For this reason we decided to establish a new organization – Ban Roean Ram. It will be a learning center and a place in which we help poor and distressed people. We started our new project in the Bang Klam district, Songkhla Province, because several members of our group come from here. So we are close with the people in this area and familiar with their problems. In the past, we have experienced many of their problems on our own. Now we want to contribute to the community.

Ban Roean Ram was founded in 2008 by Miss Jatuporn Jitprapan and Miss Uthai Tongkamkeaw. At the moment we are a team of five Thai people and a foreign friend who helps us with the coordination abroad. We graduated in education, community development, accounting and polytechnic. So we join experience from different fields. Several of us have a long experience in the work with international volunteers.

In our center, locals will learn about community development, about traditional Thai culture and folk wisdom, about our environment and nature. We hope that Ban Roean Ram will be able to transmit traditional culture and language, and the old way of living in accordance with nature. Through our projects, international volunteers and the local community will be able to learn from each other.

In cooperation with the temple, school, local government and with the community, Ban Roean Ram will establish groups with six objectives:

1. collect folk wisdom from sages
2. try to stimulate cultural as well as economic life in the village
3. improve opportunities for children and youths teaching them about our
traditions without of them having to change to another place
4. offer activities such as music, sports and establish a shop with local
5. found a local museum
6. found a library

In the future, we hope to widen our organization and to do projects in other parts of Thailand, as well.

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