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Since 1994 Africatrust has been committed to working with disadvantaged young people in North and West Africa and to helping enthustiastic international volunteers gain valuable work-experience in Africa whilst making a real difference.

Africatrust is a not-for-profit organisation which invites volunteers to stay with host families in their projects. Africatrust is different from many other volunteer work organisation in Africa in that Africatrust has an obligatory post arrival in-country induction course covering language, culture, music, history/politics and general knowledge. The concept of having "A Bridge" linking cultures is still fundamental to the programme.

Volunteers are welcome to arrive throughout the year for three or six month stays

The UK Registered Charity, Africa Bridge Club, helps to sponsor students in Africa whose educational needs have been truly identified by volunteers. Ongoing volunteers then monitor the progress in-country of each beneficiary.

The Voluntary Donations raised by volunteers are pooled into "one pot" and distributed entirely by the same volunteers who raised the monies. There is one vote per volunteer not one vote per pound sterling raised ! Advice may be taken from many in each country especially the Country Director. Upon return there is accountability to the original donors preferably with illustrated reports. Please visit Volunteers Reports.

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