Evidence has been found of humans on the island as long ago as 12,000 B.C. This is evidenced in the scattered tributes to civilisations past. The island was part of the Roman Empire, although there have been numerous powers that have laid claim to it since.

However, in 1946 it was granted a special status as an autonomous region, so now Sicily is one of five autonomous Italian regions. 


Villas vs Hotels

If you’re going to stay in Sicily for a long holiday, a short city break or are planning a honeymoon in Italy, then you’ll probably be torn between staying in a hotel or villa.

The majority of the shopping, nightlife and entertainment are in towns and cities near the coast. Of course, you’ll also find some impressive beaches with the warm Mediterranean Sea gently lapping their shores. There is little point in being too far away from these impressive surroundings, so the only question is whether you want a villa next to the sea or set back with a view across the ocean. 

The good news is that you’ll find some amazing villas in Sicily by the sea. So many websites have a lot of high-quality villas worth looking at.

Of course, knowing that everyone in the company really wants to ensure you an “experience of a lifetime” means that you can rely on them while choosing your villa. They will carefully guide you through the process and you can get a villa with direct access to the beach if you want!

What may surprise you is how affordable many villas are, especially when you consider the quality of the accommodation. 



Although all the options are villas by the sea, there is a big difference between a contemporary villa lapping the beach and a traditional villa set on the cliff above the beach – which usually has impressive views across the ocean and inland, towards the famous and volatile Mount Etna. 

Alongside choosing how close you want your villa to be to the sea, you should consider your desired places of interest: there are many so many of those!

Sicily is not a large island but there is little point in staying in Marsala or Messina when your primary aim is going to the beach and visiting the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento on the southern coast.


The Local Knowledge

When it comes to local knowledge, it’s hard to beat a local company that has been established on the island for so long. The staff know their island and the want to help you to know it too.

If you book a villa online you will get their assistance with planning or even arranging trips to all your desired locations, whether that is the awesome Mount Etna, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, or the Zingaro Nature Reserve, where you’ll get a stunning view of the sea (and you’ll get chance to see some dazzling fish and vegetation, also). 

It's hard to beat local knowledge!


Plan Your Stay

Sicily really is an amazing island to explore, with so many attractions and places to see. Staying in a villa really can enhance your trip, and there are options for all budgets. Be sure to learn some basic Italian travel phrases before departing, not everyone in Sicily speaks English and you'll really impress the locals.

Or if you like to idea of exploring more of this beautiful country, view our southern Italy itinerary suggestions.