Volunteer in Vanuatu

View meaningful volunteer opportunities in Vanuatu which is a remote island located in the Pacific. This destination is off the beaten track but there programs available where you can work as a volunteer helping wildlife, conservation and also communities. There are international charities which have been placing volunteers in Vanuatu for over 4 decades helping local people and improving facilities, infrastructure, education and protect animals, nature and bio-diversity.


Volunteer Opportunities in Vanuatu

Volunteer in Vanuatu

Guide to Volunteering in Vanuatu

Due to the local of Vanuatu this is a popular destination with volunteers from Australia and New Zealand but Nationalities from all around the world are welcome to apply. No specific visa is needed to participate and you can get a tourist visa on arrival. This may be a spectacular location to volunteer but where you might be placed can be basic, for example no electricity, hot water, internet or tv. You will never be too far from a beach though and the waters and setting will make Vanuatu appealing. You will usally be participating in a group structure with a local manager on hand to help.



Community Development

Due to the way the country is spread out over lots of islands it can be difficult for people to gain healthcare and educational services. There are programs where you can work to help children and adults throughout the country, placements can be joined in the capital Port Vila and other islands. Some community volunteer tasks can involve promoting awareness campaigns around sexual health and HIV / Aids. There are also educational and teaching programs where you can work to help children who can't afford to attend formal school. These placements can be fun but challenging.



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Conservation & Wildlife Programs

The most popular volunteer programs include working with marine life like sea turtles, if you use our advanced search you can find local NGO's and volunteer organisations who offer projects throughout the year. These islands are a real unspoiled paradise and you can do something rewarding by helping conserve turtles when they lay their eggs on beaches with beach patrols.



Where You'll Stay

Accommodation is usually provided in the form of shared housing but local homestays are available here too which are highly recommend for a full cultural immersion.




You will be responsible for travel costs getting to Vanuatu and you might also need to pay a fee/donation to participate. This can vary depending on the organisation / program.




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