Volunteer in Trinidad & Tobago

Experience the laid back lifestyle of Trinidad and do something rewarding by applying to volunteer and help local community and conservation projects. Find placements with charities, non profit organisations and international companies offering volunteer opportunities with animals and the envioronment. 


Volunteer Programs in Triniadad

Guide to Volunteering in Trinidad & Tobago

Despite the islands small size on a map, you will be surpised by how much you can do here and there are so many worthwhile ways to spend a holiday like volunteering to help the environment, communities, nature and wildlife. Large international organisations like Habitat for Humanity have been working on the ground in this country for a number of years helping disadvantaged people by improving housing and infrastructure. Despite being a wealthy nation, not all the money is distributed evenly and an estimated 20% of the population live below the poverty line or in inadequte conditions. There is also a need for people to work to help animals like exotic birds and sea turtle conservation. You might also like to view more opportunities to volunteer in the Caribbean.


How You Can Help

There are lots of projects open to international participants including:


Conservation Volunteer Projects in Trinidad & Tobago

Tobago is blessed with incredible natural beauty and there is a stunning unspoilt rainforest which has been a protected area since 1776. The ocean around Tobago is very clean and crystal clear, you will get to see tropical fish like made famous in the film finding nemo, sharks and manta rays and also sea turtles. Due to increasing tourism and human activity there is an ever present need to help protect both land and sea areas for wildlife like sea turtles who lay their eggs on the coastal regions. 

There is a need for people to help with rainforest and wildlife conservation efforts in Trinidad, this is a spectacular country with beautiful nature and there are various protected areas in the country. If you are looking for a unique experience where you can work alongside local people protecting the rainforest and helping biodiversity then these placements will appeal to you. One example organisation is the Asa Wright Nature Centre located in the spectacular Arima Valley, they recruit international participants around the year to help with tasks like looking after exotic birds, gardening, restoring trails, giving educational talks and keeping the local environment clean.


Volunteer with Animals in Trinidad & Tobago

Another popular program is to help giant sea turtles. International and local organisations are working to research and help protect leatherback sea turtles and make sure they have safe locations to nest their eggs. Some projects are located on Trinidad's Matura Beach area which is a stunningly beautiful - you will get to live close to the ocean and white sandy beaches.  Tasks can include day and night beach patrols, tagging turtles, monitoring the area, turtle countrys, beach cleans. 

Turtle hatching season generally runs from March to September and some local organisations ask for a minimum stay of at least 4 weeks. You will be able to help with research, beach cleans and patrols both day and night. It will be a really special experience when you get to see turtles on the beach nesting and have the knowledge that you are help. If you have an interest in wildlife there are also placements available in the Manura jungle where you can learn about and help the local howler monkeys.


Community Volunteer Projects in Trinidad & Tobago

You will get to work alongside staff and other volunteers from all around the world and get a unqiue cultural experience on a community project helping people. These placements are perfect if you are studying for a degree and would like hands on experience, or if you just care about communities and are keen to actively help. You will meet some amazing people who have a genuine passion for taking care of the country and seeing a bright future for youth. This will be an experience you won't forget in a hurry, and even if you only stay a few weeks, you'll be able to help in some small way.


Why Apply

  • Escape the tourist resorts
  • Do something worthwhile
  • Not much compares to seeing wild animals and helping them
  • See different places on the island away from the touristy areas


Location of Projects

Most conservation projects are based around the town of Buccoo but there are other locations you might be based and living too like the community of Black Rock.


How to Apply

You can search projects or organisations and apply to volunteer in Trinidad today. Some organiations charge a sign up fee to participate, whilst others are free. Some placements are structured where you get:

  • Airport pick-up and transfer to project
  • All food and accommodation
  • Training materials and science equipment
  • Pre-departure support and services
  • Comprehensive training necessary for research techniques
  • 24-hour in-country support and a 24-hour emergency phone line


Eligibility & Requirements

To work as a volunteer in Trinidad no previous experience is required for general placements but you must be willing to work hard and want to make a difference. Usually organisations will require you to be aged 18+ but there are family projects available and specific trips for 16-17 year olds.


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