Volunteer in Togo

Search meaningful volunteer programs where you can experience the culture of the country and give back to make a difference to the lives of communities in Togo.  These experiences are an amazing opportunity giving you the best chance to see a country from the inside and experience for yourself what really goes on. You will get the opportunity to work with local people, make a difference and experience life in a different culture. 


Volunteer in Togo

Guide to Volunteering in Togo

This is the perfect destination if you are looking to gain work experience of just give back. We also list combination programs with the aim to give participants a real feel for this outstanding country, its people and its culture. This includes with the concept of volunteering, the chance to to experience Togo's culture and great wonders. For more information you can also read our guide to volunteering in Africa.



Top Reasons to Apply

  • Make a real difference, this country is very poor
  • Experience the real Africa
  • You will get to experience both the rural and city life in Togo seeing a unique lifestyle
  • A lot of the projects are really fun where you will get to work with locals who will welcome you with open arms
  • You can also combine experiences  




Type & Location of Projects

Most organisations are running programs in Lome, but you can also be based in more rural areas of the country. Our carefully selected care and community programs enables you to give service on a voluntary basis. There are different lenght programs which are a combination of voluntary work within local communities and cultural exchange.

Placements available to join include:

  • Conservation, agriculture and farming 
  • Care work, arts and crafts
  • Law, journalism and human rights internships
  • Medical placements in dentistry, midwifery, nursing and medicine, physiotherapy, speech therapy
  • Teaching and coaching sports like football and baseketball

You can search projects above or also browse organisations which include humanitarian, charities and NGO's. Some organisations will require you to pay a fee/donation but there are also free and low cost projects available. Accommodation is provided in a local homestay or in shared housing with other volunteers. 



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