Volunteer in Lesotho

Search volunteer organisations, NGO's, charities and non-profits who offer placements to international staff in Lesotho. There are projects which help communities and people - you will really be able to give back and make a difference in this small but inspiring nation. 


Volunteer Programs in Lesotho

Guide to Volunteering in Lesotho

Volunteer Programs in Lesotho

Large international companies like Habitat for Humanity, Peace Corps and the UN have been working on the ground to improve education, facilities and living conditions. We work with UK based charities which offer placements throughout the country, view our guide to working as a volunteer in Lesotho and apply today. You might also like to apply to volunteer in South Africa. Ask anyone who has been to Lesotho and they will be full of praise - so discover it for yourself, view our featured volunteer programs in Lesotho today.


Top Reasons to Volunteer in Lesotho

  • This country is very poor and needs lots of assistance
  • Get the most rewarding experience of your life
  • Volunteers are desperately needed especially if you have any specific skills
  • The country has spectcaular scenery and very friendly/welcoming people
  • See spectacular places in your spare time
  • Guaranteed an authentic African experience


Types of Programs

Community Development Programs in Lesotho

Most programs have a focus on community development, HIV and AIDS is a big problem in Lesotho and people are needed to join education and awareness programs. There might be a difficult language barrier but local people will be very open to talking to you. Projects can be very hands on where you will spend days working with people and communities. If you are looking to plan a gap year in Africa and considering Lesotho as a destination then expect placements to be challenging and varied, this experience will be with you forever! Expect the local population to be very friendly and welcoming, please note no previous experience is needed to join for non-skilled placements and there are also sightseeing excursions available during your free time.


Cost & How to Apply

You can search our featured placements above and apply today. Most placements are structured and you will get a full package which include:

  • Meeting on arrival at the airport by a representative
  • Transfer from airport to volunteer accommodation
  • Accommodation - shared dormitory room in volunteer house
  • Training: In-country orientation
  • Support: Pre-departure helpdesk, Local in-country team and 24hr emergency support
  • Local Transport

You will usually need to pay for:

  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Insurance


Health & Safety

This is a very basic country in terms of facilities and you will need to pack a first aid kit and get informed before departing. The sun and heat can be intense so pack light clothing and be sure to wear sunscreen.


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